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Herbal Supplements

I was newly diagnosed with typ2 2 diabetes. I am 56 yrs old, and over weight.  I started taking RX medications to regulate my glucose levels. My question is, are there any alternatives to RX medications? I bought Vitamins and Bitter Melon Pills (Herbal). Can I stop taking RX and just use these herbal pills?

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There is no great clinical evidence for many of the herbal pills sold for treatment of diabetes particularly in the doses available. There is some evidence for cinnamon and historically for Bitter Melon as well, but the doses used are higher than you would normally get in run-of-the-mill herbal meds sold over the counter . In addition please know that because they are herbal does not mean there are no possible side effects, so you may still need to be monitored for possible liver  or kidney damage in some cases.

I cannot give you an answer about stopping your prescription medication or not. This should be discussed at length with your doctor who knows more about your lab values, blood sugars and general health. It is always best to discuss these changes before making them.

You definitely however should work on a weight loss plan as this alone can possibly stop the need for any medication to manage your blood sugars. For many people weight loss of about 7-10% of their body weight does the trick. So also speak to your doc about starting a serious weight loss plan. This has great research data behind it, much better than any herbal medications.

Take care.

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