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Low Heart Rate

Hi Dr Anita, Its nice to have a doctor to answer your questions.Actually I am 30 years old female,having diabetes but controlled one. I started work outs last month. I am quite regular too. My concern is that my heart rate is always low like between 70-125,even if I exercise a lot. I checked it on treadmill with 4.5 speed & elevation 4 for 20 minutes. Calories were burning very fast but heart rate was not increasing.Other than that I feel healthy enough.I am pretty concerned as I try hard to increase heart beat but it never increases.I will be very thankful to you if u could explain this phenomenon.

Thanking u in anticipation
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It is possible that, given your age and regular work-outs, your cardiac conditioning is fairly good and you simply need more exertion to raise your heart rate adequately(the more fit you are, often the slower your heart rate). 20 minutes in may not be a long enough time.  The other likely factor may be medications you are taking which may prevent your heart rate from going up(examples are metoprolol or propanolol). If you have other symptoms like lightheadedness, easy fatigue or dizzy spells, you should speak with your doctor of a cardiologist to ensure the electrical circuits in your heart are doing what they should.
Hope this helps,
take care.
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