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Niacin & Glucose levels

I also have heard that niaicin can cause a rise glucose levels.  Would the drug niaspan at 1000 mg per day tend to do this? If so, if the niaspan was stopped would the glucose levels revert to what they would have been prior to the niacin therapy?

I do realize that there are other considerations - since the niaspan has a positive effect on blood cholesterol- but the focus of this question is limited to the glucose aspects.
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The niacins as a group do have a tendency to raise blood sugars but the effect is usally small. A study in early 2000's showed  that use of 1000-1500mg of niacin was associated with a minimal increase in fasting glucose numbers and an A1C increase of about 0.03% over time.

I am not certain about glucose numbers reverting to absolute baseline after stopping the niaspan, especially if it is after several years. If it is stopped within a few months the glucoses will go back to baseline, or close.
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