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Potential diabetes

I had a baby 17 weeks ago and during my pregnancy i did have gestational diabetes, but it was never much of a problem and i managed to keep it under control with a diet. Since having my son i have not stuck to that diet and have indulged in a lot of junk food. I'm aware of the risk for developing diabetes after having it during pregnancy, and in the past weeks have noticed some of the symptoms that i had such as dry mouth, excessive thirst, more frequent urination, headache, extreme fatigue and also i'm not sure if it's related but sharp pains in my lower abdominal area that are a regular occurrence.
I still have my thing (not sure what its called) to check my blood sugars with from pregnancy so i'm going to use it again for a week and record the results but i would like to know what you expert opinion of this would be.

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I would recommend that you resume checking your blood glucose. Keep a log of your blood sugar and your diet. If you notice your sugar spiking and your symptoms returning with certain foods then you have your answer. If you resume controlling your diet and feel better, then you also have an answer.

Gestational diabetes does usually resolve after the birth of the baby, however, this is not usually immediate. The symptoms can persist for a period of time.

Good luck. Congratulations on your baby!

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test in the AM test before you eat, count the carbs your going to eat, test 1 hour after first bite and 2 hours after first bite.  Those numbers will tell a lot about the health of your pancreas (the pancreas makes insulin which is a control of BG
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