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Pre Diabetes

I am a 66 year old male.

I have been told I have peripheral neuropathy and that I have signs of  prediabetes. I am trying to rule out diabetes.

I have no family history of diabetes and have never had a blood test that shows any sign of diabetes, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I exercise 4-5 time a week.

I have had blood test(CBC, Comp Meta Panel, B12, Thyroid(TSH 3 Ultra), ANA Direct, Protein Electro, Protein Total Serum) all test were normal. Are there any other blood test that I should have that might rule out diabetes.

My neuroligist wants to do nerve conduction and EMG, which I am trying to avoid.

If he beleives it is prediabetes shouldn't we looking at treating that condition.


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Thanks for using the forum.

Pre diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose levels are higher than what is considered "normal" but not high enough to make the diagnosis of diabetes. The tests used to make this diagnosis are blood glucose test and a glucose tolerance test. Has your doctor done either of these? There are no real symptoms of pre diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, thirst, blurred vision, numbness/tingling in the distal extremities, fatigue, slowed healing of cuts, and frequent infections.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition frequently found with diabetes. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are pain, numbness, and tingling sensations in the distal extremities. The tests your doctor has suggested are what commonly are used in the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. If you are experiencing numbness in your hands and feet, you need to be especially aware of any cuts/bruises that you receive. You want to frequently check your feet for cuts to prevent infection.

I would recommend speaking with your doctor to find out what is leading to the suspicion of pre diabetes. There may be a lab value that you were unaware of. If you have not had a glucose tolerance test, ask if you doctor feels that it might be helpful. You have stated in your question that you are already exercising, watching your diet, and a non smoker. These are all good steps to maintain your health. Speak with your doctor about anything else you could be doing to prevent your condition from progressing.

I hope this helps. Good luck
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Sings of pre-diabetes... what are the signs?  only way to tell is with blood test for diabetes
A1c, fasting BG (blood glucose), GTT (glucose tolerance test).

I think the GTT test is the best to see how your body deals with BG
fasting BG is only part of the picture.  A1c is also only part of the picture as it tells you what your AVERAGE BG has been.  it wont tell you if your going too high or too low

"I have no family history of diabetes and have never had a blood test that shows any sign of diabetes, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I exercise 4-5 time a week"

NON of that precludes you from getting diabetes.
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I went to my GP and he sent me to neuroligist.

I was having numbness and tingling in both feet and severe pain in both calfs and thighs after walking 8-10 minutes on hard surface, but I can work for hours in the yard, as long as it is not on a hard surface.

When I went to the neurologist he examined me and did an evaluation. I brought results of blood test (CBC, Comp Meta Panel, B12, Thyroid) he ordered other blood tests that I listed in prior post.

In the 'Impression /Plan' he says 'the patient needs to be constantly watched for blood sugars because neuropatyh can present two to three years prior to diagnosis of diabetes.

I have a copy of his evaluation and the only negitive issue he points out is 'decreased pinprick sensation distally and proximally'. I'm not sure what that means.

If I pinch or tap my feet, calfs or thighs I have feeling

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"NON of that precludes you from getting diabetes."

I'm just curious, but if a non-smoker with no family history of diabetes that exercises 4-5 times a week is still considered at risk, then what type of person do you consider not at risk for diabetes? It seems fairly clear that diabetes is highly correlated to obesity and genetics, but since you were so stern with your statement, I must be mistaken. Please, teach me...
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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition which is frequently found with diabetes. It has various symptoms like tingling sensations, numbness, pain. I also think  the GTT test is the best to see how your body deals with blood glucose fasting blood glucose is only part of the picture. Diabetes also affects heart. Getting EMG done is not bad, why are u avoiding it?
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20% of the people that become diabetic (T2) ore of normal BMI.

I belong to several diabetes news groups, there are LOTS of vegans, triathaloners, fitness freaks... that get T2.  I was only 20 LB over weight and an avid cyclist when I got it.  

cant beleave the TV for medical advice

The latest study's show that obesity is a result of of problems that are diabetes.  We diagnose diabetes when BG gets too high, things are broken LONG before our BG goes high.
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