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Pre-Diabetic Neuropathy

Dr. Ramsetty,

I was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes about 3 years ago.  My A1C usually runs between 6.1 and 6.4 while taking 4 mg/day of Avandia.  I am noticing some tingling in one foot as though it is going to go to sleep. There is one area on the top of one toe, on that same foot, that sometimes burns.   I also have numbness in both hands if they are in a raised position or during the night.  I have had the hand numbness for years before ever being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I work at a computer so am sure that some of that problem is due to carpal tunnel.  There is no pain involved.  My opthamalogist has stated that my eyes are extremely healthy and show no sign of diabetic complications.  I also have a great deal of lower back pain due to sitting and being overweight and sedentary.  Does the problem I am having with the tingling in my foot, and the burning on the top of one toe,  sound as though it may be pre-diabetic related?  Thank you.
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The pain in your hands is more likely related to your working on the computer. The tingling in your foot may be from pre-diabetes/early diabetes as this is known to happen even at this stage. It may also be somewhat weight/back related if you also have some lower back pain. If you have not yet seen a neurologist I think this may be beneficial.
Take care.

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