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Prediabetes with no risk factors?

I do not understand this.  I am a 32 yr old Caucasian female--thin, no family history of diabetes at all.  My fasting glucose however was 105, but the doctors did not order follow up testing.  I keep reading about ways to reverse pre-D, such as losing weight and reducing carb intake but there is NOTHING that i can change!!  I am one if the healthiest people I know.  Am I more likely to develop T1 diabetes because of this?  Anything else i can do besides retest each year?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

Pre-diabetes means that you MAY be more likely to develop diabetes.  It does not definitley mean that you will become a diabetic.  You should continue your healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight and continue to follow up with your doctor.  That is really all that you can do.  Hopefully,  your healthy lifestyle will keep you from developing diabetes.  Good luck and continue the hard work!

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Hello, my mother was the only one in her family to have diabetes. I couldn't understand it cause her sisters were over weight but it just didn;t seem to get them. Which i'm glad but, just didn't understand it.  i have it now almost two years, i'm some over weight but not like them. I always had it when i was pregnant and my dr. said to keep busy and it will prolong getting diabetes. Twelve years later i have didabetes. So my davise is ,,stay busy like washing the car, mowing the yard stuff like that.Stay off the couch and stop eating white food!!! Good luck to you!!!
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I try not to be cynical about staying healthy, but I've seen alot of people develop illnesses who lived perfectly healthy lifestyles.  The only way I can look at that is to say, "if that person had led an unhealthy lifestyle, he/she may have gotten sicker sooner, with a worse prognosis, etc."  Keeps me from getting down I guess.
Yeh, I've exercised religiously for almost 10 years now, and I eat a healthier diet than most people I know, so hopefully i'm delaying a possibly diabetic onset.  I did read about something called LADA (type 1.5 diabetes), and that would make alot more sense for someone like me who has no risk factors.....
Thanks for the response.  Are you T1 or T2?  Good luck to us!
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