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Question regarding Blood Test

I had my blood test done in September of last year (2012) Fasting sugar 128 . After about a month I had my A1c done it was 6.1 ( this was done when I was travelling out of country. I was able to lower it to A1c 6.0 on diet and exercise. Since then life has been really stressful and chaotic. Recently I had 3 month test done and the fasting came to be 99 and A1C came back 6.7 ( this was done in US). My doctor says that its just a reading a the time of the blood draw. Do any of you experts see this as a problem . What test should I get to find the cause of it .Sometime my morning sugar levels are in the 90's , but sometimes in the  range of 119 to 125. Please provide me with your professional Opinion.
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