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Statins, Cystic Fibrosis & diabetes

Hi, I am CF, post dbl lung & kidney transplants, and taking lipitor (5mgQD) for prevention of chronic rejection, using its anti-inflammatory effects.  I take it at night (HS).  Breakfast sugars, taking 2 mg Prednisone, are harder to control & rise faster than remainder of day.  Does lipitor have effects on the liver which impact the liver's release of glucogen?

This is without taking lexapro, advair, albuterol or other meds (excepting 2 mg prednisone) which would affect blood sugar.  I asked about the lexapro previously ... still looking for an anti-depressive, SSRI or other, without adverse diabetic effects (to counter prograf-induced depression).  Thank you for any insights.
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I do not Lipitor has hyperglycemic effects, as a general rule. The Prednisone, as you said, is the likely culprit. In addition, your own underlying insulin effects are still likely there because your own pancreas is in place, so the prednisone is likely exacerbating that effect.

Keep a close eye on everything and speak to your docs soon if you continue having sustained hyperglycemia. I am afraid it may mean another medication added on to control it, but the goal is to preserve you and your transplant so it may be needed.
Take care.
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