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Sudden onset of hand and foot pain

I was recently diagnosed at "pre-diabetic" with a rather low rating of 106.  As I understand it, this is just over the threshold of 100, so it's not really a major indicator....but recently, I've experienced intense hand and foot pain.  The pain seems to be in the thumb and forefinger...and hurts when I stretch the muscles and tendons.  The same thing happens with my feet.  If I extend my leg fully while lying down and point my toes up and down as though going thru stretching exercises with my feet, I get intense pain  in the bottom and ball of my feet...also in one or two of the toes.  Stretching and working thru the pain seems to help after a while....but it is expecially painful in the morning.  I've tried wearing gloves and putting that sport cream on my thumbs and palm...and that might be helping a bit, but I'm not sure.

I know the pain gets so bad that I can't lift anything...just touching the palm or thumb at the joint is painful.. One spot on the base of my palm is numb, and the pad on my index finger will also go numb..I don't know what's happening or how to counteract it.  I don't smoke....I was having a drink or two for several weeks, but stopped as soon as this pain started thinkng that perhaps the alcohol exacerbated the problem.  I'm 67 years old, white male....my weight has shot up....I always weighted around 195, but suddenly I'm now 225 and cant' figure where the weight is coming from....I eat only one meal a day and may have a bowl of cereal in the moring.  I've never had anything like this happen before.
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People with pre-diabetes may develop some neurological issues, but more often it is after a longer time. I think you need an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible to determine what may be going on. You need a good physical exam and possibly some nerve tests in order to find out the answer and treatment.
Take care, sorry I could not be of more specific help.
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Thank you for your input...I appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I have made an appointment with a neurologist....but are those nerve tests with the electrical needles and impulses the  only way they have to determine nerve issues?  I had it done one time when the surgeon inadvetantly cut my long thorasic nerve during a routine lumpectomy of a benign  lump in my neck...and that electrical impulse test was painful....
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I am afraid much of the time nerve testing does involve nerve stimulation, which is what you described, and it can be painful. Hopefully there will be other testing methods available as well.
Good luck and take care
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