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I am a 50 yrs old male. I am healthy and  lean and exercise regularly. Every year I go for routine check up and i am a little confused with my blood sugar test results. I have been monitoring my results since 2007. back in 2007 normal range in Canada was 3.6-6.0. Since then it has changed to 3.6-5.5
my results in the last few years have been as follows:

2007 : fasting 5.8 A1C 5.6
2008 : fasting 5.4 A1C 5.7
2009 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.9 (at home on meter 4.7)
2010 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.7
2011 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.7
2012 : fasting 5.9 A1C 5.5
2013 : fasting 5.6 some how A1C was not done.  (at home in meter 4.2)

I have been checking sugar at home regularly and reading on the meter has always been between 4.5 - 5.1
My niece who is a doctor told me that since I get anxious before the test it probably affects my readings but otherwise my results have been fine. All my other numbers like cholestrol etc. are normal (Total 4.7, Triglycerides 1.1, Ratio 3.1)

Please advise.

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Thanks for using the forum.

Your results appear to have remained stable over the past few years. The are a little on the elevated side with the new revised guidelines, but there do not appear to be any big jumps. You state that you watch your diet and are active. You do not smoke or drink. It sounds like you are making good health choices and are being quite proactive about your health. I would recommend to continue monitoring your levels and make positive health choices.

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I dont know what you want advice on, your A1c is stable a tad on the high side, but stable.  

Do you have a family history of diabetes?
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I have a large family. I have 5 sisters and  1 brother. I am the youngest. My mother is 90 yrs old and she had diabetes in her late seventies. My dad is 92 yrs old and is not diabetic. My eldest sister is 65 and was diagnosed with diabetes 5 yrs ago. One sister is 56 and had hysterectomy done 5 yrs ago and was just diagnosed with diabetes. My brother is 57 and is not diabetic. My other three sisters ages 53- 60 are not diabetic. What do you think from the family history? I am quite active exercise and play , non drinker, non smoker. What else should I be doing?

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