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Type 2 Diabetes

Hello!  I have type 2 diabetes, my question is that my doctor prescribed Glypicide 2.5 mg once daily, she said before breakfast.  My question is would it be a problem if I took it before lunch instead, since my blood sugar is still hig in the morning (during the day is pretty much under control) but in the mornings is over 140 or 150, I've checked it before going to bed and it can be at 112 but in the morning it is high again at 150 or 160.  


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Glipizide can be taken at different times of day. I think your doctor chose the mornings because of her concern that your blood sugars likely climb during the day after eating. What are your readings during the day?

If you are waking with blood sugars at 160mg/dL, speak to your doctor about perhaps adding a small dose of medication before you go to bed in order to bring down those morning blood sugars.

Take care.

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