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diabetes / insulin resistance question

I have a sugar issue...i believe i am insulin resistance or type 2 diabetic...

In the past i have been a heavy drinker for years while consuming lots of icecream/candy, pizza, beer, etc...

I've tried in the past to get fat intentionally (add any weight) and failed..I wont gain a pound nomatter how much i eat...Which indicates My insulin producing is very low...This is a guess obviously

I bought a glucose meter and Tested today. My morning fasted was 67. And i checked it again an hour later While eating NOTHING and it was then 95...

from trying to figure this out, I've come to a conclusion that My pancreas is not producing much insulin anymore...I dont think i am type 1 diabetic but i am not sure....I am constantly cold and suffer from raynauds.

I am 1 full week into strict auto immune protocal paleo..

Why would it jump to 95 after not exercising or eating anything?...

Why does my glucose Shoot up after exercising also?

any input would be greatly apreciated
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Thanks for using the forum.

The blood glucose that you mention in your question does not indicate diabetes. The levels of 65 and 95 are well within normal limits. Your blood sugar will not remain static all day. The levels rise and fall as you eat and as your body releases both stored glucose and insulin. What is important for diabetics is to control that rise and fall so that the blood glucose remains with in the "normal" range.

Because you are experiencing other health problems, I would recommend that you speak with your doctor about your concerns. Additionally if you are attempting a strict diet change such as paleo you should speak with your doctor first. It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program.

I hope this helps.

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IF you had insulin inefficiency your BG would be high.  Hi BG is over 140.  not 95... 95 is a normal BG so is 65  BG changes all the time.  it goes up it goes down.  

BG IS energy. hard  exercise  raises BG.  When you exercise hard your body thinks your trying to run away from a tiger, and your liver dumps sugar so you have enough energy to run.
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