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respected DR.
                       my mom had a diabetes check up in nere by hospital .the reported that glucose fasting is 187.0mgs%and 342.0mgs%at post lunch.we taken ekg the measurement results ;
QRS---76ms,QT/QTC----------362/417ms,PR---- 106ms, P----94ms' RR/PP-------746/750ms ,
P/QRS/T---36/ -9/12 Degress.they interpretated that ; normal sinus rhythm with short PR ST &T waves abonormality , considered as anterior ischemia .what is the cause for the ischemia.
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The first thing to find out is if this is true ischemia and Your mother should see a cardiologist for a stress test(or other diagnostic test) as soon as possible to find out if/where she has hidden heart disease. Ischemia is caused by decreases in blood flow and is related to clots, plaque in the vessels or spasms in vessels. The only way to know the cause of the ischemia is with further cardiac testing. Diabetes very often causes heart disease, so you should have your mom evaluated soon.
take care.
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