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gestational diabetes and amniotic fluid

I am 34 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes and at my last doctors appointment I was told I have increased amniotic fluid and they needed to recheck my levels next week and if the fluid has not gone down we will need to address it. My doctor did not go further into detail (not a huge fan of my doctor,  he is always in a rush). Why does this happen with gestational diabetes and will this cause me to have to be induced? What complications can too much fluid cause?
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Sorry that your doctor makes you feel so rushed. One suggestion for addressing that, call the office. If your questions have not been answered during your appointment, call the office with your question. At the very least, the nurse handling call backs will call you and try to answer your question. The doctor may call you at the end of the day when he is doing call backs and will have a little more time to explain without rushing off to another patient.

Sometimes with gestational diabetes, there is an increased chance of Polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid). This can be due to the fact that gestational diabetes can cause fetal elevated blood sugar and an increase in fetal urine output (fetal urine is a major source of amniotic fluid).

See where your fluid is at the next appointment. If it remains elevated ask the doctor what your next steps should be.

I hope this helps.

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