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insulin resistance and elevated Alt?

Is there any correlation between elevated Alt and insulin resistance???

I found out in January of 2013 (almost 1 year ago), that I am insulin resistant.

I received my blood tests results, and I am worried. My ALT is elevated. Prior to this it has always been in the normal range...I have recent blood work results from August, May, and January of 2013 to compare it to. What could this mean? It was my Endocrinologist who ran the blood work. I see him every 3 months because I am insulin resistant (not diabetic). He didn't even mention the elevated ALT...but I saw it once I received the faxed results.

I also noticed that although my AST and ALK Phosphate are within the normal range, they are definitely a bit higher now than in August & January. Could this mean something? I do have my blood tests for the last few years all the way back to 2007 and my ALT has always been in the range of 12-20 and my AST in the range of 13-15 and my ALK Phosphate in the range of 52-68.

Here are the most recent results...

November 2013
ALT 47 "high" (normal range 6-40)
AST 24 (normal range 10-30)
ALK Phosphate 86 (normal range 33-115)

August 2013
ALT 19 (normal range 6-40)
AST 13 (normal range 10-30)
ALK Phosphate 66 (normal range 33-115)

January 2013
ALT 17 (normal range 6-40)
AST 14 (normal range 10-30)
ALK Phosphate 63 (normal range 33-115)

I do not drink, I do not smoke, I only take Tylenol or Advil if I have a bad headache.

Please let me know what you think? Should I be concerned?

Thank you
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Thanks for using the forum.

Your ALT is only slightly elevated (although it had a big jump from your previous result). The ALT/AST labs are part of a liver panel to detect liver disease or damage. There is a connection between elevated liver function tests and Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, mild chronic elevation of transaminases can be related to an underlying insulin resistance.

The ALT can also be increased after a strenuous exercise, or an injection of medication into the muscle. This increase would be temporary.

I would recommend that you continue to monitor your lab results. Your doctor probably did not mention it because it was so slightly above the "normal" range. Mention your concern to your doctor next time. If your levels continue to increase, or they remain elevated over time that would be cause for concern, and should be addressed.

Now for your Metformin question...As stated earlier, type 2 diabetics often have elevation of the liver enzymes. Treatment with metformin has been helpful in decreasing those levels back to baseline.

I hope this helps answer your question


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I also forgot to mention, I take Metformin 1000mg 1x a day. Could that contribute towards the elevated ALT?
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