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possible diabetes

Had blood test that showed poss. diabetes few months ago.  Moved to another state due to family crisis.  Have dr. appt. set up, but not for a few weeks yet.  Two days ago, got weak and woozy in grocery store.  Couldn't stand up.  They said I was incoherent for a few minutes.  Gave me orange juice and a lady gave me a glucose tablet.  They called family to pick me up.  Spent rest of day in bed, was absolutely freezing.  Severe abdominal pains as well.  Now, two days later, still weak and a little shaky.  Could it manifest this way and do I need an emergency room visit?
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Your symptoms could be related to blood sugar(too high or too low) but also could be a host of other things(heart problems, stroke etc), all of which need to evaluated by a doctor. I do strongly suggest seeing your doctor or going to the nearest urgent care/ER as soon as possible.
Take care.
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I am a Type II diabetic and what you have described sounds like hypoglycemia vs. hyperglycemia (diabetes). I have experienced hypoglycemia on several occasions and my symptoms were quite similar to yours.

See your doc right away.

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