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severe problems

at the age of 12 i was diagnosed with having a brain tumor that sat on the pituitary gland they removed it and from that i was diagnosed has having diabetes insipidus that was 34 years ago here within the last week i have been going days without needing this medicine and it is scaring me because i have never in the 34 years gone 10 hours without needing it. i went to the er and had my blood work taken and urine taken and all the test results came back fine nothing wrong does anyone else know a reason why this would be happening?
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She never mentioned anything about insulin and that's because she has Diabetes Insipidus, which she clearly stated. Diabetes Insipidus IS NOT Diabetes Mellitus.
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Thanks for using the forum.

There are several forms of diabetes insipidus. Neurogenic or Central diabetes insipidus can be caused by pituitary tumors. The symptoms of Central DI are excessive urination and extreme thirst. It differs from diabetes mellitus it that glucose does not spill over into the urine.

You don't mention in your question what medication you were taking. Commonly central DI is treated with desmopressin.  Desmopressin works by limiting the amount of water passed in the urine.

I don't know why you would suddenly notice a decrease in your symptoms after 34 years. I would recommend making an appointment with your regular doctor to see what might be causing this. Until you can be seen, it is important that you remain aware of your fluid intake and output. The concern with DI is the risk of dehydration and a decreased potassium level.

Good luck!

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Sorry I dont know.  Dont know why the pituitary  gland would effect insulin production.

I hope others can help.
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