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sore/painful nipples

painful nipples
by viejo1930, Jan 30, 2008 05:49PM
painful nipples,
I am a diabetic on several oral medications & lantus (& Novolog prn).  I have been telling my PCP, for months, that my nipples are painful.  He sent me for XRays which show something in that area.  He sent me for another XRay which shows shadows in the area.  He insists that it is a medication that I am taking, that is causing the pain.  Is that possible?  I have read that cancer of the testicles cause painful nipples.  By the way, in 1998 I had surgery to remove a self contained rectal tumor and my rectum was removed but I was re-connected with out a colostomy bag,o radaition or chemo was needed.
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Hi Brian,
Insulin does not commonly cause breast pain, so the lantus is not the cause. There are a few endocrine conditions that can cause breast enlargement and nipple pain, so you may need to see a specialist.There are soem medications that can do this as well.
In addition to going over your medications and side effects with a pharmacist, I suggest you continue to try to find out what this is, and be aggressive. Some findings on xray are obviously benign and others are not. I cannot comment on yours because I do not know the official reading.
Speak to your doctor again about checking this out and if you are not satisfied please seek another opinion soon.
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