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100 Calorie Snack Packs

As I am snacking on a 100-calorie snack pack of Wheat thin crackers, was just wondering what you thought of 100-calorie snack pack options.

In addition to the poll, please explain why you are for or against and what ones you find useful or not.

Really looking forward to your answers!
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I LOVEEEEEE the 100 calorie packs! I have probably 4 different kinds of nabisco packs in the cabinet! I eat one with lunch! Or when I need a snack! I also have the 100 cal popcorn bags...and those are good because they are small bags but really theyre like half of a normal sized bag so you feel like you're eating a l, but you're not! lol Its like...a 100 calorie pack that I am willing to share! haha..But yes...I am all for the 100 cal packs!
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I love the 100 cal packs. I keep alot of them at work to snack on. I love the new mini oreo cakes that are 100 cal. I also like the cheese nips and the teddy grams. I keep them also at my boyfriends house so when im over there i have something good to eat other then the stuff he has.
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Tried things in small packs but keep going back for more packs!  
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they are not high in points and it helps cut the sweet tooth cravings. I am for them!
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I love them!! and use them alot! i only put moderation cus the ones i eat are lil bit high on carbs so thats the only downfall i see other than they are GREAT!! The ones i like are ALL the chips ones doritios, sun chips (so my fav), and cheeto puffs! i said i was addicted to chips and they were my downfall so these really help with that!! I also like the new hostess cakes they came out with like the streusel one and the carrot cake yummy lol!! I like the streusal one its kinda like coffee cake and very good!!
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I love them, but also agree that, LIKE MOST THINGS, they need to be in moderation.  I am a "sweet thing" IMHO!!!  Give me something sweet at the end of a meal - no matter how scant the meal! - and my brain and tummy say, "I'm satisfied, thank you very much."  So, my latest thing is 100 cal Little Debbie snacks *GASP*.

I felt so much better about my dessert hang-up when I learned years ago that when a baby is getting nourished by breast-feeding, the very end of the meal gets sweeter - that signals the end.  So, I am programmed by GOD (I was created, I didn't come from any fishy!) to want to end my meal with sweets.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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twehner-- lmao at your last statment. Then if that's the case and you were programmed by God then I am sticking with your story. So was I!!
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Well, very sorry to say twehner thought of it before I did (or was she looking at my computer this time?).  Either way, I'm going to have to stick with her story too.  

Now, down to the question at hand - I think the 100 calorie packs are ok, but like TrudieC, I sometimes find myself reaching for another, especially if I'm not where I can get a meal when I need to.  

Moderation is key.  
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You guys won't be seeing me around here for a while.  I have been asked to go to the Alternative Weight Loss Community - Just kidding (I hope!!!).

Fortunately, I really can just have 1 package per day, and that's just M-F.  
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You better NOT go to Alternative Weight Loss.  I know what you mean - I have to watch it also to make sure I don't overdo.  
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I haven't had them for a while but I like them.  I really like chips and I like the portion control.  I do have to control the urge to reach for more.
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I am for them because you don't have to guess at how much of something you can eat at once and it still be healthy for you.. You know exactly how many calories your taking in, and they taste SO good! I usually eat 2 per day.. One in between breakfast and lunch and one in between lunch and dinner and I still manage to keep my calories under 1500. I also like the Quaker Mini Delights.. Some of them are only 90 calories a pack like the Chocolaty Mint and it's SO good too!
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I eat no packaged items; just looking at the ingredients depresses me. All the fat, sodium, and sugar, along with all the artificial ingredients, is just not healthy eating.
I believe there is more to just the calories than a number. I would rather have a few more calories if it meant they were calories with value.
An apple or some carrot sticks is a much better snack. If you wanted, a half dozen almonds would be healthier.
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