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1200-1500 calories a day

I just wanted to see what others thought about eating 1200-1500 calories a day. According to my BMI thats the amount of calories I should be taking in a day. When looking up info about the meal sizes it doesnt look like a lot of food, and I'm not sure if I can even pull it off since I work midnights and sleep during the day. I just wanted to see if there was anyone that does follow this and if they do if they have any tips to doing it correctly and accurately etc. Just general thoughts about this so I can see if this is really something I can do
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I am 5' 3" and weigh 182 lbs.  I used the s p a r k  people web site to calculate what I should be eating and to record what I eat and I am also in the 1200 to 1500 range.  I am not hungry on this.  By recording what you eat and having it tell you the calories, fat, etc. you would be surprised at the results.  Good luck.
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I do the 1,200 calories a day...didn't think I could do it but it ends up being more than you thought...you have to make the right choices!  I am 5'1" and have lost 17 pounds!  I went from 148 to 131 in about 2 months.  I LOVE to eat, but believe me, with the right mindset it is doable....and there were days that I splurged also!
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Are there any websites that have good options for meals and snacks for the 1200-1500 calories a day. I walked through the grocery store the other day like I was lost, I didnt know where to begin, everything I looked at seemed to be more than the calorie allowance. I saw one daily plan for 1200 calories that suggested 3 meals of 300 calories each and 3 snacks of 100 calories a day. I thought that might be best since I would be eating something more often (maybe would be less hungry), but like I said walking around the grocery store I was lost, not knowing where to start. help
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TrudieC's idea of using s parkpeople is a good one and I think you can get sample menus as well as recipes from them also.  

The 3 meals plus snacks is the best because you are keeping food in your stomach all the time so you don't get so hungry between meals.  Another way to think of it is: several "mini meals".  It keeps your blood sugar steady and helps cut cravings.  

I'm not sure what you were looking for specifically at the grocery store, but a kind of "rule of thumb" is to do most of your shopping around the "outside aisles".  If you think of the way most grocery stores are arranged - there's the produce section, the meats, dairy, etc.  As you work your way toward the center of the store things tend to be more refined.  So looking from that standpoint, try to get the majority of your food from the produce section (fruits and veggies), then move on to the dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc - low fat varieties of course), then to the meat (focus on chicken and fish, but go for other meats in moderation).  Limit your breads, pastas, cereals, etc to WHOLE GRAINS only.  You can snack on fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds all types of things like that.  And if you can't buy fresh produce, etc, then go for frozen over canned.

Keep in mind the portion sizes - I can't remember all of them of course, but for instance a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of playing cards, etc.  I think you can find that info on s parkpeople also.  

Hope this helps.  
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Thank you for the grocery store suggestions, I'm going to the store this Friday so I'm going to try it out. I'm going to also look at getting a digital scale to help me out in the kitchen as well. I signed up for a Spark People website also but I havent really got into using it yet. If I have any questions you'l be hearing from me lol
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I'm signed up for spark people too, but don't have time to keep everything updated like I should.  They do send out daily e-mails that have good info in them.  

Good luck and keep posting so we know how you are doing.  
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I really like Barb's suggestion about shopping in the outside aisles.  That's exactly what I do as much as possible!  I try to make a super serious effort to eat as little processed food as possible, instead opting to start with the rice, produce, meat, etc.  I love to make different stir-fry dishes and my family thinks it is like a little adventure because Mom never quite whips up the same dish twice.  ; )  I think that the best thing is to have fun and be creative.  It makes it so much easier in the eating department I think.  Think of what you like to eat and find a way to make it healthier so that you still get that satisfaction (with appropriate portion sizes of course).  
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Hi all, I purchased a folding set of measuring cups to help me with my portion control. I didnt want to use my regular cooking measuring cup set. I wanted to get a special set that way I relate them to portion control only (and not yummy baked goods lol). I also got a divided plate to use for my meals as well (which seems to be a big help). My dinner was a little more than 300 calories (grilled fish filet, greenbeans and rice pilaf) but by using the measuring cups (1/2 cup greenbeans which according to the can was 1 serving and 1/3 cup of the rice, couple pieces of the fish) I definitely ate less then what I normally would so I'm hoping thats good. I have never watched my portions before so I'm excited about getting this problem under control. I also wanted to see if anyone out there uses the digital food scales in their kitchen for portion control? I have been looking at them but not sure what are good brands and which ones to stay away from.
Exercise has never been the problem with me, its always been the struggle with food so I'm hoping that by simply measuring my foods and of course staying away from as much bad as possible will be enough to help my weight loss.
What do you guys think am I on the right track?
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I'm glad to see that you are taking steps to get your portions under control.  

One thing I noticed is that you said for the green beans "the can" said a serving was 1/2 cup.  If at all possible, it would be better to use fresh green beans (or any veggies), but if you can't get fresh, try to go for frozen as they are closest to fresh.  If you must use canned, however, DO make sure you get the "No Salt Added" variety.  

Salt can be a huge offender when it comes to sabotaging weight loss because it causes us to retain excess fluid.  I have to really watch that myself because I'm a "salt fiend" and I not only am having trouble losing weight because of thyroid issues, I am also on blood pressure med.  I have switched to "sea salt" in the bottle with the little grinder - I can twist the grinder just a tiny bit to get enough salt for the flavor, but it's not nearly as much as if I used a regular salt shaker.  I've also been experimenting with different spices in order to get extra flavor.  

I don't use kitchen scales so I can't help you out with that question.  Sorry, I'm sure someone else will be able to.  I would think though that they are pretty much equivalent, so you could get an inexpensive one and give it a try.  

I'm sure as time goes on, you will come across little "tricks and tips" that make it easier.  Good luck and keep posting.
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