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1200 calorie diet plan for 4 months ?

Hi eveyone i would like some advice?
I want to loose around 40/50 pounds, so i have decided to try the 1200 calorie eating plan with as much exercise as I can with a young baby! This is a lifestyle change so there's no rush to my main target but i would like to see a good change in around 4 months, how much loss should I be looking to aim for in this amount of time and any other tips would be great on staying motivated!! I want this so much thank you jo
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Don't want to cast a shadow on your New Year, but extremely low calorie diets aren't healthy and don't last.  What works best and lasts is changing your diet to what you're going to eat permanently so the changes in metabolism that follow stick around.  Dieting in general has not proven to work long-term and can be unhealthy, what does work is to change your regular diet and watch the weight slowly but permanently come off with the addition of exercise.  And if you're breast feeding, be very careful about cutting calories, as you're still eating for two.  To the steady go the rewards that count.  Good luck!
Forgot to add, when you increase exercise, especially if that includes resistance training, you actually need more nutrients, not fewer.  So that's another consideration.  
And one more thing -- calories are not as important as advertised by people selling diets.  Metabolism of what you eat is the key.  An example I always give is salmon, which is high in calories but you won't find many who gain weight eating it, whereas lower calorie slices of white bread will quickly metabolize into sugar and store as fat if not burned off right away.  A focus on calories to the exclusion of food metabolism leads nowhere.  
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Thank you so much for your advice, I will most definitely be following it as I what a lifestyle change rather then a diet! I'm not in any rush , are there any things you recommend I don't eat ? Obviously fatty sugary foods x
Depends on the type of fat, actually.  The basic diet that still tops out all long-term studies for health and success is to eat a diet high in veggies, some fruits, whole grains, and protein mostly not in animal form other than fish.  You can eat anything occasionally, but this has been the recommended diet forever.  All other diets are fad diets, but do help you lose weight more quickly.  If you're planning on doing a lot of resistance training, to build muscle does take more protein -- it's not for health, but for results in increasing muscle.  Simple carbs that turn to sugar quickly after being consumed, such as white flour and of course sugars, should be eaten only occasionally, although one does have to say, the people being studied long term eat a lot of white bread, so there you go.  Basically, eating what you're culturally used to and can digest well is best for health, though not necessarily for interest!  There aren't any real secrets here -- we all pretty much know how to eat, we just want to eat other things, and so try to find evidence that backs us up, such as high protein diets that allow us to gorge on the meat we like so much.  But cutting calories too low isn't a good thing either because you'll inevitably end up lacking essential nutrients.  I really can't say exactly what suits you the best -- you're built the way you are, not the way I am -- but you'll figure it out.  So remember, fatty fish and avocados are high in fat but good for you.  Beef is high in fat and not good for you.  Once you figure this stuff out, it will make sense for you.
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