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A Challenge?????

With our little ones going back to school and many adults college bound, perhaps it is time we "get back to school" with our lifestyle changes and weight loss.  What do you think?  Would you like a month long challenge to get back into the groove????
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Just what I needed considering my new cholesterol requirements!
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Hi I'm new to this site, but this is excatly what I need!  Pretty excited to have to answer to somebody else.  Hoping it will keep me from cheating so much.  
I'm starting a relaxed version of The South Beach Diet today and a walking program my doctor has said is now a daily requirement rain or shine for the rest of my life.  
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I'll join in and do the best I can, but even though I am back to "regular" hours as of today, my schedule still requires me get up at, what *I* still consider the middle of the night: 3:30 am and not having the thyroid issues worked out yet, I'm more for taking a "back seat" position.  That's not to say I'm not watching what I eat and trying to get exercise - I've actually been walking a lot and I bought an MP3 player and am slowly loading it with my favorite music for company on my walks.  I find I "walk to the music" - faster music requires faster walking, slower music slows down the walk!!  Isn't that called "interval training"??  

I would, however, love to be the lead cheerleader ---------------- so let me start off with:

Go, Go, Go, gals and guys!!! Yay ........................
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Count me in but no guarantees on the homework .. compliance maybe though. :)
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I'm kind of doing a South Beach Diet thing.  Basically South Beach but not super restricted.  I don't have the money at the moment to do it exactly.  
But I did plan the next week worth of meals, and got some Slim Fast and plain fat free yougurt for smoothies in the morning.  ( I'm not  abig breakfast person and SB has almost nothing but eggs for options)  So I'm pretty excited.  
I checked out several books on CD and am going to use them for walking company.  I found years ago when I did a lot of driving out of state that they  really made the time fly so I think it will do the same with walking.  
Soooooo......do you want our actual weights or measurments before we start?  
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I am VERY new to this Hypothyroid thing and want any and all help to get back to "normal".  Let me know what i need to do?  I have been watching my Calorie in take along with beginning a exercise program.  I am ready for Homework :)
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