Anyone try the ALLI weight loss pill thats FDA approved?  Can anyone tell me how they liked it?
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It is the half dose of the perscription medication called orlistat. It inhibits fat absorption in the body. Temporary weight loss if any and does not address behavioral issues. Must be taken in coordination with a exercise and good nutrition program to work.
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Wow thats really helpful. Thanks.  Have you tried it?
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25 is pretty late to be having wisdom teeth out!

i haven't tried it , but patients i have given it to say they find it hard to avoid all fat, and get anal leakage of fat with alli.
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I havent had my wisdom teeth out...they need out! I had braces almost ten yrs ago and they just now decide to pop in.....And I have no room for them.  My dentist didnt seem concerned but he doesnt know that latley I have been experiencing alot of pain causing me to have a canker sore from the one edge jabbing my cheek.  So yeah its late I need them out.  Should have been out before I got my braces!

So..do you recommend Alli?  I am over weight. At 18 I was 135lbs. And got pregnant...gained nearly 80lbs...then went down to 160ish and then got pregnant AGAIN 10 months later.  Gained another 60lbs.  I dint lost much at all..but now its been 5 yrs and I am still gaining.  I had tests ran for things but nothing comes up.  So my fiance bought me a treadmill since I am not one for going to our gym...and I was thinking that since I was going to be using that then I could use Alli too. So far my doctors dont seem to be worried that I am OBESE and I can feel that its taking a toll on me already.  I do want to live to see my children have kids...
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Just stick to a healthy diet, and use the treadmill.  Things should work out for you, and you have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. You have had medical tests to rule things out which was a good move to make.

I really would take Dr. Choi's advice about the Alli.  I've read that drugs that inhibit fat absorption often cause the leakage of oil from the anus.
You don't want that to happen.

Not good.

Take Care.
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Oh great!  Thats scary!  Thanks!
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I've had such great success with Weight Watchers, I know people are fed up with me!

Nothing works for long, unless it involves a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  You'll lose weight with gimmicks and meds, but it will come right back.  

I've learned what to eat and how to eat, but more importantly WHY I eat.  It was an eye opener for me.  I can truthfully say I've never felt better in my life, which I'm not sure the anal-leaking Alli users can say.  
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I know..ppl tell me that..but I honestly cant afford it.  If I could just get someone to lend me that book! lol
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I pay $40 a month for the monthly pass, and that includes all the eTools/message boards/menu tracker/planners available.  Aren't you worth that?  That's far less than people typically spend a month on fast food and junk food.

Do the math and see what you are spending money on that you could do without.   Add up what you spend at the drive through every month at McDs, Wendy's, Taco Bell etc etc.   Add up what you spend on pizza every month.  Chances are, you spend close to $100 a month on that ****.

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The last word was c.r.a.p!
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Thats the thing...I DO NOT eat at any fast food! EVER! I barely go out to eat at all!  Every night my family gets a good home cooked meal!  I went to a dietitian and she was told what I eat..and she said that the only thing wrong I do is indulge in dinner...because I dont eat lunch.  Thats why I think that this tread mill will really help me out.
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How overweight are you, if you are doing everything right but dinner?

Can't be much, then.  Cut down on dinner a little, and you'll be right as rain in no time!
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I know...I have no idea whats going on.  I honestly think its something medical but supposedly nothing shows.  I am 200 and I just think its amazing that my not one doctor thinks I am in trouble! I know I am in trouble! I am only 25 yrs old...my whole life I was always "thicker" but not ever over weight.  I am fatter now than I was when I had my second child.  I dont get it.  So I am just gonna watch what I eat...and walk my BUTT off! I love walking.
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Oh and I want to have another baby..so I really dont wanna be at this weight to get pregnant.  Then I will be 300 I can just see it!
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I'm going to be brutally honest with you.  I also told people I "barely ate" and gained 50 pounds in 3 years.  My doctor was dumbfounded that I could gain that much and did all sorts of testing for thyroid, etc.

The problem was mostly that I was not honest about what I was eating. I truly never thought a cookie here and there, some chips, fries, a taste here and there when I was fixing dinner was considered "eating".  I would heap in the margarine when I was fixing mashed potatoes,  and rarely even recognized what I was doing.  Its called "unconscious eating".

I would also have trouble with portion sizes.  To me, a 16 oz steak was a serving of meat.  A heaping bowl of pasta was a serving.  1/3 of my plate covered in potatoes was a serving.

When I joined WW and actually started weighing and measuring food, I was SHOCKED to see exactly what I had been doing that caused me to "barely eat" and gain 50 pounds.

I can tell you right now, if you don't have a thyroid problem or other medical issue, you ARE overeating.  You simply don't get to be 200 pounds by barely eating, or by just overdoing dinners.   Like it or not, you'll have to adopt a totally new way of eating AND exercising.  Of course you can do it on your own, but statistically speaking, those that have less support, education, and guidance won't keep off the weight.  I've tried dozens of diets.  Dieting doesn't work.  That's the beauty of WW.  It gives you the tools you need to make the choices that work.  And those choices need to be ones that are permanent.  

I applaud you to think about losing weight and getting healthy before becoming pregnant.  Obese women have more medical complications with their pregnancies, and typically won't lose much weight afterwards.  

Whatever you choose to do, take those blinders off.  If you have been medically checked out, you are simply eating too much AND not exercising enough.  Extra exercise is great, but exercise alone won't be the answer.  

Best of luck, and sorry if I offend you by saying this.  I was about where you were, mentally and physically.  
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No I wasnt offended....you are probably right.  Uughh.  Thanks for your advice. How much weight did you lose if you dont mind me asking?
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I have lost a little over 30 pounds in 16 weeks.  And I'm so not deprived.  I adore this new way of eating.  I'm free of some very unhealthy habits and food binges.  

From a person who would ROUTINELY eat an entire large pizza by herself in secret, to one that has not had a single slice of pizza in 16 weeks....that by itself is amazing.  I COULD have a slice if I wanted, but there are so many better choices for the amount of "points" I'd waste on a slice of greasy pizza that I'm not willing to "spend" that much on something that won't satisfy me anyway.

There are lots of good programs out there.  The ones that work don't focus on a quick fix.  You must learn to eat what's available in the real world, what's found in restaurants, and what you get when you visit another persons home when you are invited to dinner.  That's the real world.

I'd say 90% of it is recognizing everything that goes in your mouth has calories.  Every single bite.  

Good luck with whatever you plan to do!
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peekawho has results similar to many patients of mine who've used weight watchers to successfully get pounds off and keep them off.

the alli is fine as long as you don't eat fat.  i have a hard time avoiding oil, since i love it, so it would be a disaster for me.
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Just to butt my nose in here.....YES to weight watchers!  It teaches portion control...also NEVER skip lunch!  It slows your metabolism so when you binge on dinner it stores into fat fore easily.
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I agree with suzyq, don't skip lunch. Even if I don't feel like making breakfast and go out for a biscuit, I make sure that I eat something lean a few hours later.

Try eating steamed frozen vegetables with baked fish.  I put olive oil on mine to keep it from sticking--but never a lot.  I just grease with it.

Canola, Olive, and Coconut oils are the healthiest.  I think they rank as: Coconut, Olive, and Canola...but I can't remember.

I'm not so crazy about coconut oil, but I LOVE coconut pies and macaroons.

I have a sweet tooth:)

I have a low thyroid and I manage my weight so it can be done even with medical issues.  

Are you on any medications that can cause weight gain?

I was extremely thin and my doctor put me on a medication for a problem I was having, but he didn't tell me I would gain 25-30lbs.  

I told him I felt like I was pregnant with no baby so I got off the medicine.  I am doing fine without it.

I lost the weight easily, but I am at a healthier weight than I began at.

Good luck with your process--keep a positive attitude.

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what medicine did you stop?
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I can't talk about it--that one is too personal.  It is okay though.
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I will ask my doctor again about the Ativan because I went up to 2mg after 1.5mg stopped working.  I take 2mg for the full day and usually to help me sleep.

I can break them if I want--that is what my doctor said.

I looked up Ativan on a broad search and saw drug rehabs listing it as highly addictive.  However, the drug pages for Ativan say it is mildly addictive.

Thanks.  I don't really want to be addicted to anything.  I like how it calms me if I'm having a hard time.  I'm very high strung.

I have been grumpier lately, but I think it is because I have been shut up in the apartment for a week with some kind of cold mixed with flu.

I'm feeling better now.

I just removed the post because I don't want other people to find an addictive drug so easily.

Sorry to change the subject of the thread.
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it's in the benzodiazepine class which is addictive

yeah, a week in would make me grumpy too

other ways to relax your high strung-ness:
exercise, stop caffiene, prayer, talking to friends (encouraging ones), antidepressants
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