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Breast feeding diet

Im breast feeding my 2 months child but i want to lose weight because i dont feel that good about my pregnancy weight gain! I cut down some calories that im trying to stay lower than 1000 cals aday but my breast milk is becoming less as i noticed !! Do u have any specific diet for breast feeding moms ?
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Hi... According to my doctor, 1000 calories/day is not enough for any grown woman, let alone a breast feeding mother.  Your breast milk is probably becoming less due to the lack of adequate food.

You need to calculate your calorie based on your current age, weight and height, rather than just an arbitrary figure...

The best foods for both you and your baby are lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein in the form of meats, eggs, dairy and legumes, healthy fat, nuts, seeds and fresh fruits.

You should eliminate all sodas, and make water your drink of choice.  Exchange white bread and regular pasta for the whole grain varieties and exchange white rice for brown.  

We can help you calculate your calorie needs if you'd like.
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I forgot to mention that you also need moderate exercise, such as a brisk daily walk for 20-30 minutes/day, yoga, zumba or something else you like and will stick with.  Exercise builds muscles and muscles burn fat.  

It's possible that you don't really need to lose that much weight; you may just need to tone your muscles with exercise.
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I weigh 63 kilos and Im 166 cm tall ! I used to weigh 55 kilos before I got pregnant ! So how much calories do i need to lose weight and not my baby milk supply same way?
Thank you so much for ur helpful notes!
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And Im 27 years old
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You have to keep in mind that your baby is only 2 months old and if, often, takes time for pregnancy weight to come off.  Many women also tend to lose weight while they nurse.  Don't rush it.  

For a woman your height, depending on your frame size, you can weigh anywhere between 114 and 151 lbs.  

You need approximately 1500 calories/day to maintain your weight.  To lose weight, you'd have to cut some calories, but since you are breast feeding, it's not safe to cut too many calories or you risk not having enough milk for your baby.  It's better if you try to get some exercise every day to tone your muscles and use calories.  

By eating mostly vegetables, you don't have to worry that much about calories...
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Thank you so much
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