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CHALLENGE POST - Homework 104 - Yes, This Is For YOU!!!


Good Morning Everyone – School is in Session .. LOLLL   This is the 4th part of our homework and when you get done with this, you should have your first motivational tool complete.  

Today we are getting out paper, crayons, tape and a pen or pencil .. perhaps even some scissors.  Your assignment today, should you choose to accept your mission, is to draw the shape of a stop sign with a red crayola, marker or pen (if you don’t have “red” … any color will do .. )  

Next write the word


Inside the octagon.

Then, write these words …


Cut this out and tape or glue it to the top of a piece of paper.

Now, underneath the Stop Sign, draw a line up and down in the center of your paper so you have two columns.  

Take your Homework No 1 pictures http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/724825 and place the NOW picture underneath the stop sign on the left side of your paper.  Take the picture of WHERE YOU WANT TO BE or the OUTFIT YOU WANT TO WEAR on the right side of the paper.  Make sure you attach it to the paper so you can remove it later and keep the pictures in tact OR use a duplicate copy from your fax or printer.

Next, take your Homework No 2 http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/727943 lists and attach the list entitled LOSE on the left side of your paper underneath your NOW picture.  Attach the list entitled WIN on the right side of your paper underneath the picture of where you want to be!  

This now completes a poster that you need to hang in a prominent place in the kitchen.  This is to remind you to STOP and THINK before choosing when and what to eat.  

Here’s a Health Page article to help you … http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Weight-Loss/Eating-Healthy-or-Unhealthy---The-Choice-and-the-Consequences-Are-Yours/show/608?cid=129

Homework #3 http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/733537 is simply to start our year in pictures.  Each month we will be taking a picture and uploading it to our profile.  We hope you will stay engaged, ask questions and seek the support of our friendly, caring and knowledgeable community members.  In this manner, these pictures will be a testament to our ever-decreasing size and will allow us to visually see our success.  If, on the other hand, you fail to engage and speak out when we’re in need, and our size increases, it is our hope and very best wish to have this pictorial history provide you with the realization of where you may be headed and that the reality of your increasing size will help you reach out to take the hands of the many members here who are so willing and eager to support your weight loss efforts.  

I urge you, please, to not allow the days to keep passing without making an “informed” decision about your future and your health.  I hid my head in the sand for 50 years of denial only to awaken one day wondering how I allowed myself to reach 330 lbs with failing health.  I want better for YOU!!!  This COMMUNITY wants better for YOU!!!

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I love the STOP sign, Ranae, and need to take that advice!  I've been just awful, thus my recent absence on the forum.  I'm learning so much about how my feelings and overall physical health are tied into my appetite.

I'm gonna make a STOP sign and get it up on my fridge PRONTO.  I'm having a better day today, but need it in place for the next valley.

Thanks again!
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I love motivation lol!! And I think this help me ALOT!! TY Ranae!! I finished mine now, i cheated though and printed a stop sign out i did not draw lol!! Ok im not an artist but its done and i can see it!!
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wonko - The knowledge you have and are gaining about your weight and relationship to food is amazing.  Your statement, "I'm learning so much about how my feelings and overall physical health are tied into my appetite." is heartwarming!  More and more studies are showing it is our emotional component that we must get into shape to realize long-term success.

gokuangel - Printing out a stop sign is another wonderful option to completing your homework.  Thank you for being so creative and keeping your thinking cap on.  Can always count on you for that!

Congratulations ladies ... AAA+++++++

Now .. TEAM .. this is a CHALLENGE and there are almost 50 members who have signed into the Believe in Yourself Challenge!  Let's get going and get this homework done!

When people ask me, "How did you lose your weight?" ... this is one of the keys and even though it may sound silly .. IT WORKS!  Please do yourself a favor and put in the effort to change your thinking and change your life!
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I will do this today....I have been a little behind in things, if you review the post I posted earlier this week, you will understand why.
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Ms Cheyenne - Dearest, I know and understand completely where you are - you are Brave and handling a lot and I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!  From your post, I see your teammates are Proud of You as well and ohhh sooo supportive!

There are times in life when our burdens are greater than at other times.  I've come to realize that those are the times where we are tested and realize that we are stronger than we thought possible, we learn of the support and caring of our friends, and those bad times allow us to rejoice and truly appreciate the good times.  Hoping those wonderful times come around soon for you ...

Please know my intent in the homework and talking to people is to get them inspired to do the steps that help with their success.  I look back over my life and realize there were many times that I could have changed and didn't because I didn't truly realize my situation because I would hide from mirrors and thoughts that could have alerted me.  In addition, I was not challenged or encouraged to change .. and it is with heartfelt care and concern in helping others that I ask all the challenge participants to do the homework and participate in the community.

Best wishes to all .. and Cheyenne .. I am thinking of you and sending you much support and Big Hugggsss ...

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