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CHALLENGE POST - January/February

Well today being the last day of the month is a great time to reflect on the last month and make new goals for the next month.

So how was January for you?

For me it was a great sucess -  change of attitude and change of lifestyle. A loss of 10.8lbs

So what are your goals for February?

For me I would like to lose another 4-7lb
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Weight-wise, I broke even.  I haven't been able to lose for about 3 months now, I just bounce around the same couple of pounds.  That's ok, I have 11 more months to go in 2009, and I can still identify successes for the month of January:

-Breaking even, though not as good as losing, IS STILL A SUCCESS for me.

-I've been working out most days, even when I'm not feeling so well, to try and get my body stronger.  I'm proud of my efforts and feel I have been successful in keeping myself as active as I can be.

-I've been journaling, tracking, and posting to stay accountable, motivated, and in-tune with my emotions, health, and eating.

-I only used 1 sick day in January.  (Granted, I reduced to part time for now due to health, but I am still glad about this!  I was burning through my sick and vacation leave before!)

My goals for Feb. are to work harder on how I eat on my bad days when I'm more sick, and to be more conscious of my portion sizes.  I don't think I'll assign a specific weight-loss goal.  If I lose anything,  I'll be thrilled.  But I might still need to focus on maintenance.  
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Thats fantastic -  and I agree maining and not gaining while not in the best of health or emotionally strong is a fantastic success.

And staying accountable by tracking, posting and journalling shows your determination... well done :) x
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January was good!! i still struggle with food issues im just so scared to start gaining bk again! but i have learned its ok to indulge every now and then and as long as i continue to exercise and do my best i will succeed!
Weight wise-Did great! i lost 5 lbs this month!! now i just need this last 5 to meet my goal which i did set to be done by March!! Just believe its 1 month away now!!
Ur 10 lbs was just this month? thats amazing GJ!! I had to fight to get that 10lbs off lol! i think almost 7-8 weeks to force it lol!!
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I went from eating maybe 4-5000 calories a day largley on chocolate, crisps, cakes, pastries and doing no exercise (taking the car everywhere) to eating 1000-2000 a day, going to the gym walking a lot more and exercising a lot at home... the 10lb was the result.... lol
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wow!! Thats amazing!! Great work!!
when i started i knew i wasnt a big eater so chkd my cals. which were ok you u know needed to cut bk on fast food not eat candy and chips everyday stuff like that and then with exercise it knocked the lbs right off!!  a big change for me is having my own place i get to by my own food now instead of having to eat what my in laws have!! which is nothing good! i used to eat fried eggs and tortillas every morning, well now its yogurt and slim fast!!
Oh yeah January was also succesful cus i finally lost some inches i lost 2.5 inches on my stomach,1 on my arms and 1 off my hips! my tummy is the trouble zone so to knock off that many in about 3 wks im very happy!!
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OOhhhh well doe you  :)

I have to say I love measuring inches-  I see more results that way lol.
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