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How many calories am I suppose to eat in a day? The calorie bar says I should only eat 494 calories a day... Is that right?
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That's much too less. the average woman is meant to eat between 1500 and 2000, and the average male between 2500 and 3000. And even when cutting back in a diet you shouldn't cut more than 500 calories off it otherwise you risk starvation mode.
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Unfortunately, most of us aren't "average", so there is no set amount of calories we need. It's a scientific calculation based on your current height, weight, age and level of activity.  

If you need help calculating your calories, let me know, I'll help you.
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Hi Marcy180,

I read your journal entry. You said you are ready to start a new diet.
As an aside, have you discussed the fact that you are starting a new
diet with your family doctor. It's always advisable to discuss any new
diet with your doctor.  You say, how many calories am I supposed to eat
in a day?  I live in Canada. So I use the Canada food guide to plan
most of my meals. That's why it's a good idea to consult your doctor.
You say, the calorie bar says I should only eat 494 calories a day.
Is that right ?  No, it's not. That would be under 500 calories a day which
in my opinion is like a starvation diet . I saw that you are 23 years old.
You need a lot more than 494 calories a day. My advice is to consult
your doctor. Personally, I don't count calories. I plan my meals with
the food guide as I mentioned, as well as portions, food groups etc.
Counting calories in my opinion wouldn't make you lose weight and
you have to be careful to lose the weight safely.  Good luck, Marcy.
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