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Can't loose weight

I am almost 18 and I've never had problems with loosing weight in the past. But suddenly I gained 5 more pounds and now I'm 10 pounds over what I should be and I can't loose the weight, not even a single pound. Ive been trying to eat healthier and not eat as much, and usually when I do this the next day I've lost a pound or two, but nope, my weight is stuck at 120. Its not increasing or decreasing, just staying there. I want to get rid of all this stomach fat I have. I am taking a few medications, Latuda, lexapro, and Adovan and I don't know if those have anything to do with the fact that i can't loose weight. This is so not normal for me and it's freaking me out!!! I don't know if something about my body just randomly changed and made it so that i can't loose weight. I want to weigh 110 again!! Or at least 112. How do i loose this weight???
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Lexapro can be some reason why your weight has changed. You need to maintain a healthy weight, which depends on your height. Just make sure you eat healthy and talk to your doctor if you keep gaining. Make sure you exercise.
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I agree that the medications can have an affect on your weight... Both, Lexapro and Adovan can cause weight changes/increases.  Latuda is most likely to cause loss of appetite.

Other things that can cause sudden weight gain are thyroid malfunction, such as hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), insulin resistance and/or PCOS.  You should ask your doctor to test you for these things.  

Some medications can affect thyroid function and/or the way your body uses insulin.  You can ask you doctor if there are other medications that might work better for you, without the side effects.
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