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Check out our new slideshow: 10 Foods That Will Kill Your Bikini Diet Slideshow

10 Foods That Will Kill Your Bikini Diet Slideshow

Our newest slideshow is located on the right lower panel.

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I must admit all ten of the foods shown for Summer are pretty yummy, but with the help of our Wt. Loss & Dieting Community and all our trackers, it's easier to help shed those unwanted pounds!

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I've long passed my "bikini era", but I did watch the slideshow!!  It gives some good ideas for alternatives to foods that we normally go for in certain circumstances........such as grilled burger in place of a hot dog; lower calorie smoothie, along with lots of other things.

Strongly suggest that you check it out for some good summer ideas -- whether or not you wear a bikini........
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O.o Deep fried twinkies & oreos? OMG That's nuts & sounds gross. I make my own smoothies so I'm good there, but I never would have thought about slushies being a calorie trap.

Good slides.
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