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What is the best diet pill to lose 30 unwanted pounds? I'm 30 pounds overweight and I cant lose them. Suggestions?
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The best diet? Withdrawals, LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist! I have always been about 125lbs and 5 ft 7, but when I went through withdrawals, I lost 13 lbs!! It was in a matter of less than two weeks!
But in all seriousness, I've always heard that the best way to lose the weight is old fashioned walking or running...and cutting out the bad foods...But my friend went on a diet pill that was a carb blocker, and she lost about ten pounds in a few weeks...she kept taking them and is now thin and looks great...let me call her after work today and get the name.
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Lots of water
Fruits and Veggies..
Stay away from fatty and greasy foods...
Low carbs...More meat....but dont take out carbs
less sugar..no junk food...

and walk...

you can lose that in a month or two....and look great..and get it off healthy
Or you can find a magic pill that you will only get addicted too.........or nothing may work at all...So why not just try something healthy

lol That's my opinion!!

Happy Thoughts and Prayers
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First couple questions. Are u in good health? whats your age? Have u tried a exercise program? Whats your daily calorie intake? Answer these questions because as diet pills are good in some cases there extremley bad in a lot of cases. U can email me if youd like ***@****
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This is apparently a different Lizzie.  It's not Lizzie Lou that left today for her son's wedding.
PS:  I couldn't offer any diet tips anyway because I'm also addicted to sweets!
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Pills are not going to work long term ,workout, watch what you eat there is not quick fix or magic pill. Have a great day
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I was just thinking about you today and wondered how you were

How are you doing? what's new......you managing? it is great to see you again

Happy thoughts and Prayers
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No this isnt he Lizzie that went away to her son's wedding..This is the other Lizzy Lou that joined a bit ago back......maybe 2 months now...I think something to that nature...

I have seen her come from time to time..and here she is again....lol I know its hard not to confuse them all but lol there was a uproar about this..and lol she is infact a lol woman that is in recovery......lol

Happy Thougths and Prayers
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our regular lizzie is spelled Lizzie Lou....not Lizzy Lou....just FYI...cindy
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When I lose weight now that I am over 60 I get very flabby and tried every exercise including weight training without results.  I can't afford extensive plastic surgery   What to do!  Help!!
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This is a drug abuse forum for support of addiction not a diet forum.we do have a weight loss forum though that will be a lot more help.happy holidays
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Lol same here..
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