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Do you really need 10,000 steps?

A recent Harvard Health study determined that maybe you don't.

"The study concluded that among older women, as few as 4,400 steps per day helped to lower mortality rates. With more steps per day, mortality rates decreased before leveling off at 7,500 steps, the study found."

There's more to this, obviously. For more - https://wapo.st/2YfbqqL

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I think you're trying to say people need movement, not steps.  Swimming, martial arts, yoga, bicycling etc. don't require steps.  My own opinion is that everyone knows pretty well if they get enough movement, and you can tell your weight by how your clothes fit and how large your belly is getting.  The steps thing is an advertising gimmick to sell Fit Bits, and another way to make us increase our stress levels.  Peace.
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Yes, I agree that's what the writer of the article was trying to say.

I agree as well. I find it hard to believe that a college swimmer or NHL or NBA player, or an athlete at most levels needs to add any kind of steps to their training because their fitness device tells them to do so.
Hi, Emily.  You know, I think this stuff is all a way to sell these new devices.  I think they can be very useful to measure the heart rate of someone who already has suffered a heart problem and has to be very aware of this stuff, assuming someone eventually invents a device that is accurate enough to do this.  So far, none of them are.  But as an anxiety sufferer and someone who follows this stuff on here, I think these devices main purpose is to make people sicker, not healthier, so the medical establishment can make more money off of them.  The more anxious you make someone about their health, the more often they will see their practitioners and the more procedures and meds can be administered.  That's what I worry about with this stuff.  It becomes an obsession.  It's great for people to know they need not be sedentary for best health and to reduce obesity, but when you feel the need to actually count how many steps you're taking in a day, well, it just seems obsessive to me, anyway.  Peace.
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For me, as long as you exercise every day, eat the right food, normal body mass index and being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy there is a greater chance for you to live longer.
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