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Easter Eggs

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg Help Everyone around me is eating Chocolate, I am watching Steve1954, and my son shaun and my grandson Cameron eat their easter eggs, while i made do with a bowl of Grapes, i'm just wondering if i melt the chocolate and then dip my grapes in does that count as a healthy snack? lol
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I wouldn't necessarily consider grapes dipped in chocolate a "healthy" snack, BUT I do believe strongly that you can't ALWAYS deprive yourself.  If you're one of those people who can be satisfied eating just a little bit of something, then I'd say "go ahead and have a SMALL piece of the chocolate".  If you are going to eat it anyway, do sit down and concentrate on fully on it so you make sure you get the maximum enjoyment from it.  

Happy Easter and enjoy.  

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Hang in there. I know - my mom gave me a bag of chocolates and a bunny too from one of my favorite chocolate stores. I think I will bring them to work tomorrow and dump them in the community candy dish. Out of sight, out of mind.

It's Spring and I am thinking detox. Chocolate is not a detox food.
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I have got no intensions of eating the chocolate, i am an all or nothing type of person, i did treat myself to an hot cross bun though. hope everyone had a good easter
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Happy Easter to you all as well!  Collecting all the chocolate and hiding it in the closet.....all safe Elaine!  Good job with those grapes.  Sounds tasty!  ; )  
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You are better than me. I was in my kids chocolate all weekend.

It is monday though and I am back on track!!
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