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Eating Disorder Problems

I'm 14 and i've been suffering from Anorexia & Bulimia for a little over a year now. As much as i don't like eating, due to the disorders, i still wanna keep as healthy as i can. I do eat things i think are safe at times that appeal to me..i was wondering if there are any healthy low calorie foods you recommend? The more food i feel comfortable eating the more i will recover.
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My favorite things to snack on are pretzels with hummus, grapes, popcorn, pineapple chunks, deviled eggs, and then chicken noodle soup is always nice. (You can even get can pineapple and put it in the freezer for an hour or so.. frozen pineapple is delicious!) tuna with crackers, etc.. Do you cook?  You should look on pinterest for healthy food/snack ideas.

I dealt with bulimia 7years ago and always hated the shame that came with it.. I feel for you and pray you get control of it. For me.. I knew it was wrong, and made a promise to God that I would stop. It also helps to eat really clean and healthy, that way you avoid the guilt after eating. Also eating smaller meals helps.. As you don't get the full/sick/bloated feeling.

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I bought the "clean and lean" books which I stuck to rigorously for a week to kick start my palet, this got rid of all the sugar etc etc only for a week (they give a two week plan but screw that ha!) but afterwards I started making his recipes which are low bad fat, low calorie etc and taste epic! Honestly now I try and eat pizza etc and it just doesn't taste as good! I think they could help you because it focuses you to think about things differently and the food is amazing! But image your own meals because if you follow it completely you'll be poorer then poor! Ha! Best meal ideas for snacks so far are: houmous and oat cakes, Chicken breast and  freshlime/chilli wrapped up in a lettuce leaf, handful of nuts, pickles, peanut butter inside a celery stalk, tomatoes and nuts, mozzarella and tomato, boiled eggs, homemade banana bread with seeds, natural yoghurt with a spoon of honey, banana smoothie with flax seeds, or even just a pick n mix of cheddar cheese, grapes etc x
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