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***** ATTENTION *****

MedHelp has a new FOOD JOURNAL coming .. with an approximate ETA of 3-4 weeks!!!  Tell all your friends and be on the lookout to implement this WONDERFUL NEW TOOL!

We're SOOOO Excited ..

(((Hugs))) and Let's Get GOING!!!  
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That would ROCK!
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How 'bout yesterday?????????  lol

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LOLL . yes, I am most anxious!!!  Can hardly wait to use it myself .. keeping a food journal helps immensely!
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please let me know whenit arrives!! Would love to do that!!
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Will definitely let you know and will post in the community .. everyone keep your eyes open!  %-)
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Awesome! I currently use fitday . com, so hopefully this one works out well and I will quit using my other one lol
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FYI .. What is coming is SOOO COOOOLLLLL .. and like everything MedHelp does, they continue to listen to our feedback and enhancing the tools, trackers and journals to HELP US!!!  

Can you tell I'm REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!  :D :D :D ***jumping jacks***
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Wake me up when it's here  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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BANG .. BASH .. BOOM ... THUMP .. Jumping UP and down and UP and down .. ****Clanging Cymbals**** ... BOOM BOOM BOOM ... {{{POW}}} ... *{*{FIREWORKS}*}*

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

You didn't R-E-A-L-L-Y think I was gonna let you SLEEP till then .. did you?????

You are being challenged today, my dear .. I'm leaving for a walk around the lake (after coloring my hair) .. wanna go with me????  or ... should I have Skailark send you his "tutu"???   We have some redeeming to do .. girlfriend!  And .. "I" have a starring role in a clown video to make VERY SOON (like this weekend!).

((((Uplifting HUGGSSS)))) to my sweet and good-natured friend ..
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Huh?  Did somebody say TuTu?  I was sleeping...  *Yawn*  I'm here.  

I will be part of the ground crew on the "tear-down" of our roof.  Does that count as exercise?  I'm counting it.

Have a great day.  I won't be around much.  This will take me out of commission for...a month?
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579258 tn?1250649343

I'll be using it every day!  If you keep me accountable .. I'll keep you accountable!  
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Accountability is the key!!!
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Wake UP everyone!  The food journal is active this morning!  Woooo Hoooo!  Give it a try everyone....it is really very cool and will be an awesome tool to use with our journey to weight loss.  
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