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Forever gaining (crying face)

Hi world!!! Well I am 14 years old and my doctor told me I have really really high cholesterol, I have been through a big roller coaster my whole life. This year at the beggining I was a stick figure if you see me now I gained so much weight. Its like this year I can look like a giraffes neck and next year look like as wide as a plasma TV. I have been through so much roller coaster that my boobs have stretch marks all around. Funny fact my boobs are the only place I have stretch marks. I way 153 punds. I know it is really unhealthy. That is why I am here I want ro lose this weight and maintain my weight. Any tips, food that I should try PLEASE WRITE BACK I REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT I KNOW WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THAT, BUT I AM REALLY YOUNG AND IT CAN BRING ME TO FUTURE PROBLEMS FOR MY WEIGHT SO PLEASE HELP
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"yo yo" dieting (losing weight in a rapid manner, then gaining it all back and then some) is a very unhealthy practice as it stresses our bodies.

Have you figured out why you overeat, (which later leads to the compulsion to lose weight)?  I find with a lot of people (myself included) it's from some combination of anxiety / boredom.  Address those issues in a non-food way, and you may have found your long term solution.
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My mom and I both eat when we are bored and because we love food. My mom has always been skinny and this year she also gained a lot of weight like me. She actually got some of her stomach cut off by surgeons. She is losing weight slowly not rapidly. She has the problem where she has a lot of thigh and behind. I dont have as much as her because she is an adult but at the same time we both have the problem were if we lose weight we lose it really fast and we can gain it really fast. Both sides of my family from my dad and my mom are obese and both of them are sort of skinny and really tall (my parents). Finally my question: sorry for the long write lol but ; "If I lose weight and get a six pack and keep doing excercise will I not gain  fat rapidly if I eat normaly?"
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I think, you've a long journey of self-discovery and education ahead of you.  When you're healthy in both mind and body, knowing what are healthy amounts to eat to sustain your body properly comes much easier.

While sometimes being overweight could be 'glandular', it's usually simply due to over eating.  If your family's that way, it may simply have been their lifestyle choice, a preference for seeing food as a source of comfort, for example (and a habit you've picked up).  

Replacing a bad habit with a good one, is easier than trying to just drop a bad habit I've found.  And, choosing whole foods that you homecook, is helpful in avoiding falling prey to junk/convenience/processed food merchandising tactics.
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Thank you for all the help! I will try a starting tommorow my journey and I will update you on how I am doing in a week if youd like.
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