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Greeting the New Year with Healthy Weight Loss

How are you greeting the New Year?  What are you doing to make this a healthier year?  Let's share our ideas with each other and kick off this year long journey in style!

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I stayed in!  I had a rough 2008, and even ended it with a car accident in which I totaled my vehicle right before Christmas.  I didn't want to push my luck that '08 had any more surprises in store, so I stayed in with my sig. other and fell asleep before midnight!

One goal I have is to AVOID restaurants and take out.  (This will be good for me economically as well.)  When I do go out, it is usually for Indian or Thai food.  I'm a vegetarian and can find more options at those places, and like spice a lot.  But I'm getting better at cooking those styles myself, and know that by controlling what goes in, I'll do better with my calories.

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Exercise...haven't done it in a long time and did it today!  I am not going to go crazy because then I will get burn out..(been there, done that)  setting my goal for 3 times a week for the first month and then start to increase it.
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I think im doing well! I believe (and really hope) that i am over my plateau i was stuck at my weight right at the end but it seems to be trucking along again!! I think i am learning now this is a life style change cus if im going to keep this up and keep going i will have to keep watching what i eat how many calories and not fall off the track!! i am trying different things to get past that plateau i tried the slim fast shakes they are actually good and do help kick ur hunger for a few hrs and it seems to have helped!! I agree with Wonko i must try harder to avoid fast food its really really hard its my weak spot i am an ADDICT lol!! At least now i know though to take responsibilty for my actions i enjoy it when i go out but i go home its bk to being good and exercising!!
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As for me....keep right on keeping on....I have races to prepare for this year!  I need to cut out the soda entirely (had cut way down...but not out) and I also need to MAKE myself eat properly.  I'm not big on junk....I'm just plain not big on eating breakfast and will sometimes also forget lunch if I'm not careful.  I know....I know, I have heard it takes a special kind of stupid to forget to eat.  So....I vow to eat three meals and small snacks EVERY day....it will help me....must remember.  Making a stickie note for several key spots in my home right now!  
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Taking care of myself medically, by seeing my doc on Tues first to ascertain where my thyroid #'s are and then seriously getting on track with your challenge when I get the results.  Either way (the results the same TSH as has been 1.8 or different) I'm going to join the challenge but having answers will emotionally help me prepare to do what I need to do to make this happen!

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