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I don't know what your current weight is, but I would not suggest eating less than 1500 calories a day. Try to drink a lot of water and cut out all soda, even diet. Make sure the food you are eating is predominantly lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Don't eat too many carbs, and cut out processed food. When you exercise make sure you alternage between cardio and muscle building exercises. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be, so it will actually help you to lose more weight. Don't starve yourself, but don't give up either.
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After 30 meters of running I am so exhausted that I can't breath anymore. For body building I lift weights. From 50 kg to 80 kg. But I don't have any muscles! I drink almost no soda. Just when I go to a party. (I go to 5 parties per year). I drink ~3200 ml of water per day. I really can't stop eating since I gave up this diet. If I eat less that day, next day I eat more to keep my daily calories gain.
Thanks anyway.
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It sounds like you're going from one extreme to the other - either trying too hard or not trying enough.  If that's a picture of you, in your original post, 1500 calories is not nearly enough food for one day and you are basically starving yourself.  When you don't eat enough calories, your body slows down metabolism in order to hold onto existing fat stores because there isn't enough food coming in.  

You need to calculate your calorie needs based on your current height, weight and age, then subtract just enough to reasonably lose a pound or two/week, with reasonable exercise.  You risk more damage to your health by going to extremes...
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Are you getting enough fat in your diet?  Many people on low fat diets suffer with huge hunger and no weight loss.  It's not a natural way of eating.  Also, by eating foods that keep your blood sugar steady would reduce hunger as well.  To do this...Eat low carb, moderate protein and high fat.  Example meal is non starchy veg sautéed in butter with steak.  Try it for a week, and you will very likely see the pounds come off and hunger go away.  Good luck.
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Always consume breakfast. Many people who are trying to lose weight try to cut out breakfast, however this just makes you feel hungry throughout the day. This is because you set up your metabolism for the day if your eating breakfast. Also, many people chose to skip breakfast of around 100 calories for a dessert of 500 calories later on in the day.

When you drink a ton of water on an empty stomach it leaves us feeling a little gassy or full of wind. This is never fun. Instead take little samples throughout the day. This will also make you feel more hydrated too. Your physique smolders something like 8 calories for every glass of iced water. This is because your body has to get the water to a temperature for it to be able to be handled. An average adult should be drinking 8 pints of water a day. This could result in around 64 calories per day if all 8 pints were iced. That can lead to a resultant loss of 6 to 7 pounds a year.

One pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories.

Also, it is important to learn about portion control. By the portion control standards an adult should eat around 3oz of protein, 1/2 a cup of starch and one cup of vegetables per meal. Eating any more or any less can lead to weight gain.

Another tip is to vamp up the cardio. This is because cardio burns more fat than strength and weight training but both are needed for maximal weight loss. Plenty of activities count as cardio that you may not realise. All of these activities show the amount of calories that can be burnt in a thirty minute period if they are high intensity.
Aerobic Dance - 342 calories
Boxing - 330 calories
Jumping rope (skipping) - 286 calories
Basketball - 282 calories
Freestyle Swimming - 248 calories
Tennis - 232 calories.

Add yoga. This is because yoga has the ability to burn 3-6 calories a minute. This means that after an hour in front of the television you could have burnt 180-360 calories.

Finally drink lots of water when you wake up, before each meal and when you go to bed.

Hope some of these help :)
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No matter your current weight, under-eating can put you into starvation mode and prevent any weight loss. I strongly suggest staying at 1500 not bellow it. Also, don't get discouraged, try changing up routine. Don't eat the same foods every day, eat healthier so you can eat more during your day. (Fruits and veggies are more filling, stuck with you for longer, and have a lower calorie content than chips and candy) Try making sure you get the right nutrients from the food you eat ("abs are made in the kitchen") a lot if weight loss comes from food. Also try changing your workouts. Make sure you're mixing cardio, weight lifting (or muscle toning) and stretching because you need all three to help lose weight. And if you are always doing the same workout, your body adjusts and it's not being challenged. Change it up :) good luck!
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