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ok hello everybody....uhmmm i was seeing how you guys all were doing crunches and what not and i had some questions......ok i have some weight on top of my abs, not a lot but i am overweight (131 lbs 5'1") but i am starting to do a lottt of crunches....well when i suck my stomach in i notice i feel bulges which are muscle which are my abs....lets say i keep doin the crunches for an amount of time....would the fat ontop of my abs stop them from being seeable? does this get rid of fat?? will this tighten my stomach until the point where im skinny again???? thanks for any help :)
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You need to do cardio to burn fat as well as the crunches! 30 minutes of cardio a day is recommended, but you seem energetic so you could definitely do more. I like to take hour long walks at a brisk pace. That's something you could do!
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hahaha im definetely energetic! uhh idk its FREEZING outside so not feelin ya there.....i do like about 20 mins of cardio cuz inside stuff gets soooo boring.....when its summer i usually play football every other day for 2-3 hours so lol that will get me my 30 minutes....but i dont understand......the crunches dont do squat unless you are skinny????? mannnn i hope i aint wastin time
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You are not wasting you time at all.....your building ab muscles and that's great!  But if you can work in more fat burn between diet management and cardio exercise it will shed the fat and let those ab muscles shine through.  ; )  
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anyone else???
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