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Happy Monday - What's for Breakfast???

What did YOU have for breakfast?  And, was this a spur of the moment breakfast or one that was planned?  Are you satisfied with your choice?  Do you have any comments or recommendations?

Let’s help build a starting place for those who want to know what to eat and/or what to avoid ~ as well as home cooked and fast food options.  We’ll take everyone’s suggestions and try to put together some long-term information for our community.
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My breakfast was on the run today .. and I drove through Starbucks.  Got the oatmeal,100% whole-grain goodness finished with your choice of dried fruit, nut medley or brown sugar.  For toppings, I at ½ the nut medley for 50 calories, ½ the dried fruits for 50 calories and ½ the brown sugar package for 25 calories.  The oatmeal runs approximately 150 calories for a cup.

The remaining 1/2 package of nuts and fruit will be one of my snacks today.

In addition, I had a tall nonfat sugar free vanilla latte for 120 calories.  So, for about 395 calories, I stayed on plan and am FULL!  Must plan better for tomorrow .. it is not cost effective to eat out .. but it was better for me to stay on plan.

In researching the calories, here are a few ways to reduce your calories when grabbing specialty coffees at your favorite coffee shop …

How can I make my drink lower in fat?
Request your beverage be made with 2% or nonfat milk; ask the barista to hold the whipped cream.

How do I reduce sugar in my beverage?
Opt for one of our sugar-free syrups: vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon dolce or other sugar substitutes such as Splenda®. You can also ask for less syrup in your beverage if you opt for a standard syrup.
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I had a small bowl of fruit when i got up which was half a pear, half a apple and 6 grapes, then 25 mins later i had half cup of sugar free alpen with 1%milk, and a cup of  black caro no sugar, i have this most days just because i dont know what else to have
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Slimfast :p, Woke up late and had to run for groceries so I don't miss my time at the gym!
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My usual breakfast was at 4:30 am and consisted of a hard boiled egg plus 1 cup coffee with a few drops of skim plus milk.  At approx 7:30 am, which is well into my work day, I had a banana and a ham sandwich, made with whole wheat bread and OM 99% fat free ham (total calories for the sandwich = 120).  
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I had my usual Yoplait Original 99% FF yogurt (approx 170 cal.).  That was around 6:15, although I got up at 4:40.  Today was "strength-training" day.  Tomorrow, when I do cardio, I will eat the yogurt AND a boiled egg or a protein bar (10g protein).
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