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Has anyone did weight watchers

im thinking of swiching over to that ! as you all said befor im not getting the cals i need to lose weight and that is because im scared to eat  so i belive maybe weight watchers will help that please tell me what you think my mother inlaw is doing weight watchers and seems to be doing pretty well please help
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I know a co-worker that has been doing weight watchers and swears to it. She has lost 50 lbs so far so it does seem to work. My mom did it for about two months and also said it works great. Give it a shot!
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Our friend on Med Help, Peekawho, lost around 45 lbs. on weight watchers and swears by it.  Good luck!
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I think it can get quite expensive, but you might do well on Weight Watchers as that will help you learn what types of foods to eat and to control the portion sizes.  Are you planning to attend the meetings/weigh ins as well?  

Don't forget to log onto MedHelp too, though to keep us up on how you are doing.  Good luck.  
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I am currently on  weight watchers. I dont attend the meetings but I have the weightwatcher calculator and book. I love it because you can eat what you want but in proportion. If I wanted a piece of chocolate cake I can have one under the condition that it stays in my point range!!
It's a must try!!!
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