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Im 225 lbs n only 5'0 in i got this big after giving birth to my son 10 months ago i just really want some advice on losing this weigt my goal is 135
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Hi.   I am 209 lbs and I am 5.3.   I am older than you at 49.     I have two children.   I put on an enormous amount of weight after my second child 6 years ago.   There were many contributing factors.   Endless dieting since my teens.   Bad lifestyle choices.   Lack of regular exercise and moving to a new country where I don't speak the lAnguage.    I have tried everything.    Currently I am exercising and tracking my food.     I am trying to be less hard on myself.    I am happy for the first time in years.    The difference?    I think that I realised this is hard work.   It will take a long time.   But I must not crash diet.    Just eat the calories allocated and try to exercise once a day - even a 20 min walk!    You can do this.   Join me.    Just keep tracking.    Think about this time next year not this time next week.    It takes time ....
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Hi Debbie... What have you tried, so far, to lose the weight?  The first thing you have to do is stop drinking sodas and eating a lot of breads, and processed foods.  Make sure you eat, mostly, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats, like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.  

Figure out how many calories you need to eat every day, thing stay within your calorie budget.  We can help you do that, if you like.

Also, make sure you get some exercise, every day.  If you aren't used to exercising, start out by going for a walk for 10 minutes, 2-3 times/day... You can put your baby in a stroller and push him along; he needs fresh air, too, so it will be good for you both.  Try to work your walks up to, at least, 30 minutes/day.   You can also try things like yoga or walk videos that are done inside.  You can look up free videos on youtube.

Last, but not least, you should have your doctor check your thyroid to make sure it's functioning properly... sluggish thyroid (hypothyroidism) will make losing weight very difficult, if not impossible. Ask your doctor to test TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.   Insulin resistance, will also make losing weight very difficult.  Ask for a hemoglobin A1c test to make sure your body is using sugar properly.
Hello thanks for your advice and i go to the gym three times a week and i stopped drinking soda 1 and a half years ago so i dont drink soda but i do eat unhealthy i go out to eat quite a bit i just need help on what i should and shouldn't eat its quite hard for me on that part so any adive would be great advice :)
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Hi Debbie... It's best to eat at home, because eating out can be brutal when one is trying to diet, but it depends on what kind of places you're eating at, too.  If you're doing fast food, that's not good and there are no "wise" choices, but there are some choices that are "wiser" than others... lol

For instance, if you're eating at Mickey's, you can have quarter pound burger, with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle, with no bun, mayo or catsup (mustard okay) and ask for a knife and fork, then eat like you have a steak and salad... Order apple slices for your side instead fries... I know Mickey's has the best fries around... lol

It's that bread/bun and the fries that will derail your diet...

If you're eating in sit down restaurants, order a lean meat and a salad or veggie side.  If you opt for the salad bar, stay away from the potato and macaroni salads, because the potatoes and macaroni, plus the mayo are more diet killers.  

Whenever possible, eat at home and center your meals around a lean protein (red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc), steamed, roasted or raw veggies, and healthy fats, as I listed above.  Most veggies have so few calories, you can eat as much as you want without worry about over eating; it's what you put on them that makes the difference, so avoid creamy, cheesy sauces, dips etc.  Instead, drizzle a tsp of olive or coconut oil over your steamed/roasted veggies, with some herbs/spices to "dress" them up a little bit.

Avoid eating more than a serving of fruit/day, since fruit has a lot of sugar that goes straight to blood glucose and if not used for immediate energy, will be stored as fat.  

Instead of hitting the drive thru for snacks, be prepared and take along some cut up veggies or something to snack on while you're out running errands... blueberries with a small carton of yogurt are good, an apple with some peanut butter are great... the apple doesn't have a lot of sugar and the peanut butter has, both protein and healthy fat.

Since you're already going to the gym 3 days/week, you're good to go with the exercise.  Make sure you don't eat a big meal or a bunch of fruit before you go to the gym; if you do, that's what you'll be burning for energy, instead of stored fat.  If you have to eat before you go, limit yourself to a small carton of full fat yogurt (no fruit)... the fat will make you feel fuller, but won't raise your blood glucose like fruit or something sweet, so you'll be burning stored fat during your workout.
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Here is the answer to this question.
In order to lose weight, you have to subtract calories.  Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so in order to lose 1 lb/week, you'd have to drop 500 calories from your BMR each day (1 lb is equal to 3500 calories, so 500 calories X 7 days = 3500 calories or 1 lb).  OR you can drop 250 calories from your diet and increase exercise to use an additional 250 calories.

Changing up calorie counts and exercises will help prevent plateau.
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