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How can I buy healthy meals on $50 a week?

I am a single mother and I have limited money on food $50-$70 a week is what I can afford. I know a few healthy cheap and kid friendly meals just wanted to broaden my variety. Im currently trying to lose 10-15kgs in three months so 1000-1200 calories a day.
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Are you still here?  Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately... How many kids are you feeding?

You can use frozen fruit and veggies to made healthy meals, instead of fresh, since fresh tends to be a lot more expensive.  Also, if you live in an area that has year 'round Farmer's Markets, be sure to utilize those, since fresh food tends to cost much less at a Farmer's Market than at most grocery stores.  

You can use ground beef and other less expensive cuts of meat and utilize a crock pot to make the meat more tender.

Also, be sure to watch sales, such as Buy One, Get One Free, etc.  Make popcorn for healthy snacks instead of chips and crackers.

Most adults should not go below 1200 calories/day or metabolism could actually slow down.  Depending on your current height/weight, that may not be enough for you.  

Exercise is also important for weight loss...
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