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How can I lose ten pounds with in one month?

I need to lose ten pounds in one month and I want to see what is the fastest way to do it.
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Why do you have to lose it in one month?  I mean, it's pretty doable, ten pounds isn't a lot, but losing weight slowly by changing your diet and exercise habits permanently, not by using some "diet," will make it more likely the weight will stay off.  
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The Keto diet is the most successful for a quick 10 IBS.
There is no "most" successful diet.  There isn't sufficient data to know.  And if you can't stay on a diet because it's deficient in nutrients long-term, you really haven't changed anything.  All fad diets have so far failed to prove out over time.  
I should amend that, all fad diets that are not balanced diets have failed over time.  Most haven't been studied enough on real people over a long enough period of time to know, but the ones that have haven't done well.  The tried and true, however, has done well because they've been studying how people eat for a long time, and the ones who are healthiest and least obese over time are still the ones who eat a balanced diet of complex carbs, lots of veggies, some fruits, and a moderate amount of animal protein preferably from fish.  So far, anyway.
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I know a large amount of people who successfully lost weight on keto. These people were of all weight sizes. Some were 300. Others were not so big. I did it and literally first week of hitting ketosis lost 10 pounds like all othet keto dieters. I did not stay on thr diet. I lost it and have kept it off but i still follow a low carb diet.
Low carb diets have been shown to be unhealthy long-term.  Veggies are all carbs.  Fruits are carbs.  Complex carbs such as whole grains are the best source of long-term energy.  Too much protein, especially animal protein, can cause kidney problems and is linked to a higher rate of cardiovascular disease.  As I say, the long-term studies still support the same old same old, which is don't eat overdo the protein, especially animal protein, do eat a lot of colored veggies, eat grains, eat fish, eat beans, but eat in moderation and in balance.  The only reason for a high protein diet is if you are body building, which isn't healthy but if you really like having a muscular body, it's fine by me.  We all do things we enjoy even though they increase our risk somewhat because life should be focused on enlightenment and fun, not length.  But if health is what you like to pursue, the evidence is what it is right now.
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Not sure on your comment. No one said long term. You lose weight with keto but majority switch to just eating better after. Also your not correct on the long term kidney or cardiovascular diseases. That person would of had to eat alot of red meats. And yes its low carb. This means to count your carb it doesnt mean not to eat carb. So veggies and so on. Also healthy fats theyre important. And its also not about being a body builder. This diet low exercise like walking is recommended.
I didn't see this response, so this is quite late.  The possible kidney damage and cardiovascular problems have been reported in research on high protein diets, not just from red meat.  If it isn't long-term, when you return to your former diet you will return to your former metabolism, nothing will have changed permanently, so if you do that, you will go back to gaining weight.  Only permanent dietary changes bring lasting change.  No question you can lose weight quickly with a lot of things -- the best is speed --  but only long-term change is really worth anything unless you're a wrestler trying to make weight, in case you just lose water, weigh in, and then drink it all back in before your match.  As for counting carbs, carbs are the most important foods, so the very fact you're counting them is off base -- you should be counting other things, mainly how quickly what you eat metabolizes into sugar.  I'm not saying what I personally do or what anyone should personally do, just what the long-term studies have shown so far, which is the healthiest people with the fewer weight problems overall eat a balanced diet low on animal food other than fish, high in grains and veggies and fruit.  It is what it is.  What a person chooses to do is their own business.
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This article at https://www.healthconcentrate.com/how-to-lose-10-pounds-in-a-week/ has some good tips on how you can achieve your goal of losing 10 pounds in a month
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