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How to lose weight when sick and tired all the time?

I need some help, I don't know the first thing about weigth management. Ive been sick for over a year now, and have no idea how to go back to my normal weight.

I've always been naturally very thin (and healthy!). I am 26, female, 5'4. My normal weight varies from 104 to 109 lbs. I have NEVER weighed more than that.

I've always had an overall healthy diet (heavy in veggies and whole grains, occasional meat, minimal dairy, plenty of water, no coffee, no soda, very little alcohol), though I often indulge (I get salt and sugar cravings and can't resist fries!). I pretty much have always eaten what I want, and I've never had to restrict food. And I eat A LOT for someone my size, but I guess my metabolism has kept me thin (most of my family is the same, we're small people who eat a lot). My point is that, I know some might think my previous BMI was unhealthy, but BMI is a generalization, not everyone fits into that model. I was naturally small and thin, and perfectly normal and healthy!

I was never sporty or athletic, but I walked everywhere, jogged occasionally, danced a lot, do yoga sometimes, hike and swim in the summer, cross-country ski in the winter. Nothing "intense", but enough to stay active. I don't excersise for weigth or body issues, it's purely because I love these activites and they make me feel good.

The past year I have been sick. First I got a severe viral gastritis which evenutally turned to IBS, then fructose intolerance, then my iron (ferretin) dropped dramatically. I was 103lbs in July. Then I had surgery at the end of July, my ferretin levels dropped even more (even though I don't have periods because I take continuous BCP and started eating more meat taking prescription iron supplements), and I was extremely exhausted all the time, had low grade fevers (no doctor has been able to determine the cause of these symptoms). I stopped doing physical activites because my body can't handle it. The more I push, the more bedrest I need to recover. Even doing little chores or going grocery shopping requires a long nap afterwards, I can't do anything! In fact, I have been on sick leave since the surgey!!! I am unable to stay fully awake and alert for a full 8 hour work day, I need to stop and lie down every few hours.

I'm now 122lbs! It doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're usually 105, it makes a BIG difference. And all the weight I gained went to my hips only, so I look very odd and disporportional. Tiny arms and shoulders, no boobs, and huge hips and a butt bigger than JLo. I can't fit in any of my pants :S

So how can I go back to my normal weight? I am being very careful with my diet since I have all these stomach problems and I don't want to make it worst, and I can't handle much physical activity. What can I do????
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I recommend doing some research into the paleo diet. It sounds like you have more than one food intolerance and the paleo diet will help you figure things out, help with the IBS, healing your gut and help you get back to a normal weight. a good site is marksdailyapple.com he has a forum on there like this one with lots of people who can help you out with your questions..
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