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I can't ever stop myself from eating sooo much junk food I am starting to rip the cuboard apart to look for something sweet! I can be a healthy person I'm a life guard. But can't tell myself to stop. How can I overcome my obsessions?
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hi chrissy i know its crazy how much you want sugar,
im a healthy person too, im doing  naturopathy at uni and im really into health but crazy cravings control me too.
i read a book about sugar addictions 'sweet poison' it involves having to go on a sugar detox to rid your body of the need. id be happy to start it with you and we can help each other along the way. i did it last year in December, christmas stuffed me up and i had no support so i gave up. i did feel much better whilst i was coming off sugar though. and i was less bloated etc.
let me know and we can look out for eachother.
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I know this is not much of the best advice  but why not try to subsitute the cravings for a more natural sugar such as fruit?
strawberrys, grapes, pears, plums
Anything that has a sweet kick but naturally benifical for you.
i hope this helps :)
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I hear ya! I love sweets and junk and chocolate! Man, getting hungry just thinking about it.

First step for me was getting rid of the stuff. It's not in my house. It means when I'm having a craving, I have to find something else. Usually it's in the form of fruit, light whip cream (I keep it frozen and pretend it's ice cream), or my homemade hot chocolate. That's how I indulge my cravings without eating a whole package of Oreo's.

That's the ONLY way. I have no will power!
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