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I have no self control with over eating

I have almost no self control when it comes to over eating...I just cant help myself and I keep getting fatter! what can I do to stop.I work at home and this makes the food really easy to access at any time,Im sure if I could stop eating all the time I would loose weight.sometimes I eat myself sick or sleepy,like its ThanksGiving every day. im so miserable over this and all my clothes are to tight again,I dont have allot of money but I do have allot of kids...therefore I cant buy bigger clothes I walk around with my pants unbuttoned all day,its humiliating...all the girls I know are much thinner than I am,I am about 80 pounds over weight and gaining,I would be thrilled to loose half of that!yet still I eat and eat,I have no self control and its ruining my life!help!
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You're not alone when it comes to this problem.. believe me.  You feel disgusting after you think about everything you just ate but yet you continue to do it.  These next few things I'm going to tell you may seem stupid but they help me a little and I hope they help you too.

Put a rubber band on your wrist.  Every time you get the urge to eat again lightly snap the rubber band.  This way it tells yourself that you don't need to eat.

Chewing gum also helps, especially if it's a really fruity kind.  This way you'll get the sense that you're eating when in reality it's just chewing gum :)

The last thing I do is put pictures of myself either on the fridge or anywhere I know I enjoy getting food from.  I see the pictures and get disgusted and no longer want to eat.

Hope this helps you!!
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You are scared to lose weight because you don't want to be hungry... it's like when people try and quit smoking... all they think about is smoking and end up smoking more. Put yourself on a schedule. Plan out your meals ahead of time with correct portions. Set a timer so that it takes you a full 20 to 30 minutes to consume a meal. Make snack bags of carrots, almonds, celery or yogurts/jellos for snacking. I also recommend keeping a food journal and tracking how many calories you actually are consuming a day. It may be a reality check of wow I can't believe I'm eating this much every day. Try going on evening or morning walks or go swimming. Pick up a hobby that gets you out of the house so you don't feel bored and want to sit in front of a TV snacking on food until the time passes for you to go to bed and start the process all over again. When I lost all my weight I ate a lot of grilled chicken and salads. Instead of salad dressing I would squeeze fresh lemons or if you have to have dressing, put it in a small cup and dip your fork in it before you put food on your fork so you consume less. You have to want to change and want to eat better. Stay positive!!! You can do this!! and most of all DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

Best of Luck!!!
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Hey tinut, I used to have the same problem.  My deal was, once I started to eat I couldnt stop until I was completely bloated.  Equally as bad, I noticed that I was eating horrible foods.  Anything fatty or fast was the days diet.

What I did to overcome this was replaced all of my food choices.  Only healthy alternatives were available.  Between meals, even at work, I would get some exercise.  Quite often, lunch would be a brisk walk and some veggies or a bit of fruit and some good protein. (Turkey, chicken, lean beef and pork)  

Another addition was water.  Good old fashioned water, and lots of it.  I always had a bottle with me, and if not I had a big glass of ice water.  With the diet change and the addition of water and exercise, I managed to lose weight.  

The deal is, everything has to be a conscious effort.  Take accountability of everything that goes in your mouth.  Read labels and know whats going in.
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I have been obese most of my life, overeating has also been the problem, I find the more depresed I am the more I eat. When my self esteem is low I eat and it makes me think I feel better. Once I started thnking about this problem I found that overeating stopped. I still relapse at time like lately my wieght is up 10 lbs. I have multiple heath issues that do not allow me to exercise alot but I got a dog and wealk her daily, 2 times a day is what I am supposed to be doing. Asha(my dog) will bug me until I walk her, she has been the best weight loss friend I have ever had. She loves me and my self esteem has improved. Just for the record over eating is a symptom of what is really going on, help the symptom and the overeating will ease up. It is a leasrned behavior and we have to unlearn it.
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Wow, there are some excellent ideas here - some I can use myself.

I don't know what kind of work you do at home, but maybe it would be helpful if you set a schedule for your eating and stick with it.  You can set an alarm for every couple of hours and only eat when the alarm goes off.  

I also think a food diary is a "must".  It will show you areas in which you need to cut back and other areas in which you may need to add some food (like veggies).  

I agree with Brice - you have to make a conscious decision to do this, then be aware of what you are eating and be accountable for what you put into your mouth.  It's when we munch mindlessly in front of the TV (or computer, standing with the fridge door open, etc), that we tend to overeat the most

When you eat, make sure you set the table and sit down to eat your food - even if it's just a 100 calorie snack pack and glass of water; stop what you are doing and pay very close attention to the action of eating the food, how it tastes and how it makes you feel.  

If your eating is caused by emotional issues, it might be helpful to keep a record of that as well.
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thanks guys,all this advise is very good,I am gonna start keeping the food diary,and I know I can start walking again...I am a babysitter by the way so it can be 5 or 6 pm before I can really go walking,i start at 7 am so it might just be impossible to go in the mornings...I also have some insomnia so I will take every minute of sleep I can get in the mornings.but I know allot of it is just my inner strength I am lacking to do the right things to help me loose weight...I have to somehow be stronger than my constant hunger! I will also try the picture on the fridge,and setting myself up with healthier stuff in the house to eat,I do tend to eat alot of crap.thanks again,this has been really helpful...I will let yall know how its going
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