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I need Exercise advice

I looked at loads of butt exercises but the thing is I'm not skinny and wanna grow my butt, im not overweight but I have a big butt and little bit of cellulite, id want to slim it down, not build up, but at the same time make it more rounded,I also have some knee problem so squats are basically forbidden, when I tried I nearly cried, idk what to do so I looked up some help forums and this came up so ye, help¿? Xdd
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First, there's a limit to how much you can change the basic shape nature gave you.  Some of us just have bigger body parts than others.  So the question is whether the size issue is due to fat, in which case you'd probably have excess fat in other places as well, especially the belly and thighs, or just due to your anatomy.  Assuming it's excess fat, you deal with that in the long term the same way you deal with excess fat anywhere, which is exercise (doesn't matter what you focus on as the weight loss comes from losing fat all over) and long-term changes in your diet.  What things like squats do is not to decrease the size of your butt but to make it more muscular and toned.  Squats, by the way, will probably affect your thighs more than your buttocks, but that's a different story.  If you want to do squats with a knee problem, you do half squats, but you'd want to see a physical therapist probably to learn not only how to do that but whether it's a good idea.  I was given them to do when I got therapy for a bad knee, lower back and neck and arm problem that, unfortunately, all happened at the same time.  But if it hurt your knee that badly, are you getting it tended to?  Because if you want to tone your butt, you're going to be using your knees.  One of the best ways to trim fat is to do cardio, and even a bike requires knees to do a lot of work.  Even swimming requires kicking.  So it's good to work on the knee so it doesn't hurt that much, and much of what a physical therapist would have you do for the knee is increase muscle tone in the buttocks, thighs, and calves to take the pressure off the knee.  As to specific exercises, for that I'd see a personal trainer if weight training or other resistance training like squats (which use the weight of your body for the resistance) is what you want to do, or a physical therapist so you don't get advice that might hurt your knee and so you can be shown how to do the exercise correctly so it activates the right muscles.  I'm also sure if you go to You Tube and type in toning the buttocks or reducing fat in the buttocks you'll find a lot of videos by personal trainers and physical therapists and yoga instructors that will give you a good idea of the world out there.  But again, if you make it more muscular, it won't get smaller, it will just get more muscular rather than fatty.  If you just lose weight through cardio, you won't necessarily get more muscular there but you'll decrease excess fat everywhere you have it if you do it along with a good balanced diet.  Which is a long way of saying, the reason all those butt exercises looked like they'd build it up is because that's what increasing muscle does.  It replaces fat with muscle.  
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Good question!  I guess what you are saying is that you'd like to remain shapely while being toned?  What about squats with or without weights and lunges?  Those are pretty effective.  I think running produces a toned yet present bottom half as well.  Do you have access to a track or treadmill?
Sounds like rather pragmatic, effective  good advice to me.  Squats  and runnng too.  Treadmill  sounds like an efficient exercise machine too.
Folks, the poster said she can't do squats because of a bad knee.  Until we know how bad the knee is, we can't tell her what exercises to do specifically.  Also, squats as I said don't make the butt smaller, they make it more muscular somewhat, but they really more affect the part of body doing the work, which are the thighs and calves.  When you do a squat, you're working the buttocks some, but the power to do them comes from the more powerful muscles beneath it.  They're great to do if you can do them, and many of us just can't because of bad backs and bad knees etc.  Peace, all.
Here's an article that may help you.  Bad knees?  No problem.  This article is specifically for toning the glutes (butt) even if you have bad knees.  https://www.shape.com/fitness/videos/best-glute-exercises-if-you-have-bad-knees.  I've probably done every single one of these at one time or another and all are pretty easy to do.  Of course, check with your doctor if you need to and go slow.

These include "romanian dead lift", 3 point glute kick, "split stance romanian dead lift", glute bridge, super hydrant (although this one seems like knee issues would make it cumbersome), kettle bell swing (I use one hand weight in two hands), single leg romanian dead lift.  They have a video showing them.  

Let me know what you think!  I commend you for exercising!  
So what's with the Romanians and butts?  As for hydrants, I was actually given them to do for bad knees and lower back.  They got hard, though, as the therapy had me doing them on top of the flat part of a bosu.
ha ha, I don't know what's up with the Romanian butt thing.  I've done those moves before based on the video and had no idea it was 'Romanian"!  Oh, anything on the flat part of a bosu would be hard!
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You should try single Leg Glute Bridge, Supine Hip Bridge, Romanian Deadlift & Banded Lateral Walk. Hope this helps you.
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I try to always consult with my doctor to know what exercises are bad for me
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Diet. Try keto.
Are you selling a keto diet?  Just wondering, a lot of spam on here sometimes.  I would just put a contrary view to balance this.  There is no proof there is such a thing as a fat-burning anything.  Keto is just another high protein diet, and while they have shown some good results short-term, they have not proven out long-term and can be unhealthy as an excess of protein can be harmful.  But everyone gets to decide for themselves whether to try a fad diet or go with the tried and true.  Up to each individual, as none of the data on nutrition is all that wonderful, unfortunately.  Just a hard subject to get a good handle on given the wide variety of people and of foods.  Peace.
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Keto in NOT a high protein diet. It’s a low carb, medium protein and high fat diet.
Uh, excuse me, but if you cut out carbs, you increase, uh, protein.  
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