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I needed help to loose weight 30 kg

PlZzz help me to loose weight
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How old are you?  How much do you currently weigh?

Can you give us an idea of your current diet and exercise?
20 years old ..
75 currently weight ...
2 hour walk..
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How often do you walk for 2 hours and what is your current diet like?

How tall are you?
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Height 5.4
12 0 clock ..2 boil eggs with 1 glass milk
5 o clock .. salad with yogurt
8 o clock .. salad
10 o clock ..1 glass milk
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With that diet, you might lose weight, but you will also not be healthy.  As you describe it, your diet is basically dairy, lettuce and eggs.  No real nutritious vegetables.  No variety.  Many people have a problem with dairy.  Adults don't usually do that well with milk.  And if you've been doing this for awhile, your body is used to it so if you're not losing on this incredibly spartan diet now and you've been doing it for awhile, you won't lose weight on it tomorrow, either.  You're not eating any complex carbs for energy, or any antioxidants to prevent all that walking from ending up with an injury.  And doing just one activity all the time uses the same muscles and joints over and over -- variety is safer.  But that's about health -- it's hard to believe if you're really just eating what you say you are, which isn't enough nutrients to live healthfully on but is very little food and no variety so you get a variety of nutrients, still, on so little food intake, you should be losing weight.
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