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I want to decrease my weight I want healthy diet

I am South Indian I am doing walking 1hour morning and evening and I am getting 530 am so I am getting sleep after lunch what should I do and I want healthy diet and I want to decrease weight to 68
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You live in a country we have all been learning from, that started thinking about these questions long before everyone else did.  So in part, look to the long-standing ayurveda that exists there.  For more, tell us what you're eating now.
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Daily morning egg white and hot water with honey and some times idly dosa or chapathi as breakfast and dinner but daily I will eat oats with milk and jaggery and fruits
It doesn't sound like you're getting a balanced diet.  Not enough vegetables, and I don't mean potatoes, I mean green leafy vegetables and okra and all the great things you have there.  And it also doesn't seem like you're getting enough protein.  Get some good daals in there.  Eat some lentils, chickpeas, etc.  Good sources of fiber and protein.  Try roti, because it's whole wheat, with some beans, that will give you a complete protein -- I'm assuming you're a vegetarian from your description, but if you're not, eat some fish.  Eat balanced meals so you have the energy to exercise more vigorously and get the benefit of added muscle and reduced fat from it.
And don't forget that wonderful Basmati rice there, but try and find brown basmati -- it's a complex carb instead of the simple carb that the white rice is.  Great source of extended energy.  And eat some fermented vegetables or yogurt with it -- I'm assuming, though this might not be true, that, being from South India, you're from one of the few ethnicities that can actually digest dairy.
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Does coffee increases weight
No, it can decrease it.  Look, it sounds like you need a complete education in basic nutrition.  There are a lot of books on this.  There are a lot of people where you live who can help you, starting with your family.  
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Where are the books available I didn't know about completely knowledge
I think you know where books are available.  
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Ok shall I increase weight while sleeping in afternoon I am waking up 530 am  so I get sleep after walking or in afternoon when to better for sleeping
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